I hope not, because we have more, more, more!  Darren and I were there for 2 solid days and I was there for a third and trust me, there’s plenty to talk about–what’s new, what’s up and coming, how fun it was to ride the Las Vegas Monorail.  But seriously folks, on to the show.

I always love stopping at the Orbit Baby area.  They’re so hip, so young, so fresh.  They always have a car on display so you can install their seat in an actual vehicle.  This year they upgraded from a Mini Cooper to a more family-oriented Prius.  If you’ve never installed an Orbit base, you really should head down to the local baby specialty store and try one out.  Once you understand how it works, you’ll see that it practically installs itself.  The base works with either the infant seat or the toddler seat (docked rear-facing only).  To make life easier and keep you back from aching, you can turn either seat to face out on the base, put your child in the car seat, then turn the seat on the base back to the rear-facing locked position.  It must be in the locked position when the vehicle is in motion.  The infant seat can be used up to 22 lbs.  The toddler seat can be used rear-facing from 15-35 lbs., then forward-facing from 20-50 lbs.  It can also be installed without the base.  Both seats have EPP foam, seat belt lockoffs, and can dock on the stroller frame. 



Mia Moda is upgrading their Viva infant seat to include more padding, showing that they are listening to their customers.  The basic Viva will still be available, but beginning in January ’09, the Viva Supreme will be available with more padding, an infant insert, a zippered canopy that allows it to open for more coverage, a smaller chest clip, and the handle on the base for adjusting the recline foot will be easier to use.  It’s competitively priced at around $110-$120 (at least I think so, I haven’t been in the market for an infant seat in over 6 years, lol).



Peg Perego is toning down its fashion line this year.  There are still vibrant colors–a green, orange, and red–but no fun covers with rambunctious dots on them.  I’ve always liked Peg for their bold covers and ease of installing the base (new base design, anyway).  Nothing has changed on the Primo Viaggio 30/30 this year other than the fashion.  There are new strollers and a pretty cool multipurpose seat called the Tata Mia.  Perhaps Darren has a better memory of the strollers since he’s more stroller oriented than I am.