Breakthrough in safety or breakthrough in paranoia?


drop side crib with bumperThere has recently been a wildfire spread of safety recommendations when it comes to infant sleep. First it was dropside cribs, now it’s crib bumpers. The following article from states  that according to the AAP, crib bumpers do not offer any type of protection against injuries but they do increase the risk of suffocation or becoming entangled and strangled. SIDS Prevention – Crib Bumper Safety –


Being popular for many many years, bumpers come in many forms- some included in a bedding set as more of a decoration, and others in the form of mesh to be “breathable”. According to the article, all types are equally dangerous and should be avoided.


Part of me thinks it’s great that despite not really knowing what causes SIDS in most cases, great efforts are being made to reduce the number of deaths and heartbreaks for parents. The other part of me wishes the same type of wildfire spread happened with child vehicle safety. Can you imagine the advances we could make if as many people knew about rear facing recommendations as they did about drop side cribs and not using crib bumpers? The infant that is lovingly placed on their back on a smooth as glass sheet in a completely bare crib wearing appropriately skin tight flame retardant pajamas is quite possibly being strapped into an unstable seat traveling 65mph in a 2-ton weapon on wheels the very next morning. Where is the attention to that little detail? Why are consignment shops dutifully declining/trashing drop side cribs and bumpers but continuing to sell used or expired car seats?

Are we making advancements in all the right areas?



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