Nuna Pipa Preview!


We were first introduced to Nuna at the ABC Expo last fall in Louisville and we were immediately impressed with the prototype “pipa” infant seat. We had a chance to see and play with a more advanced pre-production model here at Lifesavers Denver and we continue to be very impressed with this product. With any luck we may see pipa on store shelves by 3rd Qtr 2013 but I caution everyone not to get their hopes too high because unexpected delays are par for the course in this industry.

Our complete review of the Nuna PIPA is now posted HERE.

What makes pipa special in a sea of high-end infant seats? Rigid LATCH and a load leg, for starters! Plus a robust canopy, and a “dream drape”, and a really nice lock-off on the base for seatbelt installations, and the fact that it’s rated down to 4 lbs and is going to be a good fit for preemies and low birthweight babies based on how it fit the preemie doll. There was so much to like that I could barely offer any suggestions on what they might want to tweak! I even like the fact that it doesn’t have a no-rethread harness (there are 3 sets of harness slots) because that means the harness can be easily replaced if necessary. Pipa will be compatible with the nuna pepp stroller to create a complete nuna “travel system” but they are also working on adapters for some of the most popular high-end strollers. Expected MSRP for pipa is $299 which is completely reasonable in my opinion, considering what you’re getting.




We hope to have a complete and thorough  pipa review as soon as a final production model is available!


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