Today’s contest is another “Stump the Reader” like the one Kecia did last week.  This time, I know what it is and want to see who else does, too!  It might be CPS-related and it might not.  If it turns out to be too hard, I’ll give hints with a zoomed out photo every once in a while.  Without further ado, here IT is!

What is IT from?

Take your best guess!

Only your first guess counts.  Anytime I post a hint, you may guess one more time.  Extra comments will only serve as hints to the next person!  Anyone who has a login to write guest blogs is not eligible!

I am looking for a very specific answer.  Even if you guess ITs function, you must also say exactly what IT is from to win.  I will be the sole judge as to the first person with an acceptable answer that meets my definition and my interpretation of the rules!


What is the prize you ask?

This weeks prize comes in video format.  I make no guarantees as to the condition of the prize or its contents.  Good luck!


First Hint: