Let’s Play “Stump The CPS Geeks”!


Okay, here’s the deal – I’ll PayPal $5 to the first person who can correctly tell me what this thing is and what purpose it serves.  For the record, I have never seen this before and I have no clue what it is.  And unfortunately, the one person at Volvo who probably knows for sure is out of the office for the week.

This was from the check I had yesterday.  The vehicle is a 1998 Volvo S70.  It had 3-pt belts and switchable latchplates (which you don’t see very often) in all 3 rear seating positions.  That wasn’t a big deal.  Switchable latchplates are easy to work with as long as you know what they are and how they function.  The vehicle owners manual was also very clear on how to use them properly when installing a CR.  But the center rear belt (the one we were using to install the rear-facing Evenflo Symphony) had an extra plastic piece attached to the belt, above the latchplate.  This was the only seating position that had this extra piece on the belt.  This piece didn’t appear to be removable and there was no mention of it (not even in a diagram) anywhere in the manual, as far as I could see.  I even looked again at the manual online this morning to see if there was something that I missed yesterday.  But I still couldn’t find anything.  

Anyhow, it didn’t interfere with the installation in any way so I wasn’t overly concerned about it but I just want to know what the heck this piece is for!  Volvo obviously put it there for some reason.  It even has a message stamped on it that just adds to my confusion.   

So, anyone know what that extra piece is for?  Or do I have to wait until next week to find out from Volvo?


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