Pamper the Kids: Baby Spa Lotion Review


When I was little, my friends and I would spend hours in my bathroom, mixing concoctions of various lotions, soaps, and powders as we played “mad scientist.” My kids don’t do that, in part because I don’t want to clean stuff up, in part because it’s potentially dangerous, and in part because we don’t own many lotions or soaps (and no powders).

Around here, I typically use coconut oil or jojoba oil for moisturizing. It’s cheap, it’s natural, and it works. Now and then, though, I enjoy trying out commercial products. There’s something luxurious about opening up a bottle of something meant just for skin and not also for cooking.

I recently had a chance to try out some lotions by Baby Spa, a collection of soaps and lotions designed for little ones. I love that their products are 98-100% natural and contain none of the stuff I try to avoid in body-care products: parabens, phthalates, sulfates, BPA, etc.Ā I tried three of their lotions: Soothing Face Cream Stage 1 (for newborns and crawlers), Soothing Face Cream Stage 2 (walking to 4 years), and Moisturizing Body Lotion Stage 2.

Technically, I don’t have a baby who fits into the Stage 1 category, but my walking toddler was 14 months old, and my other kids were still crawling at that age, so I figured he was close enough. I first tried the face cream when Oliver’s cheeks looked a bit chapped after a long day outdoors. The lotion went on smoothly and was neither too greasy nor overly scented, two things I can’t stand about most lotions. By the next morning, his cheeks were back to normal.

My three-year-old loved using the lotion on herself. The body lotion and face cream she used also had a very nice texture and consistency, and also smelled wonderful without being overwhelming.(I can’t quite describe the scents of the lotion and cream, but they’re slightly fruity and slightly floral. The important thing is that I can stand them. Overly strong scents are a huge turn-off for me.)

We’ll definitely keep the Baby Spa products around, and I might even order some of their bubble bath and shampoo, since I’m always looking for “stuff-free” options for those. I’ll keep them out of reach of the kids, though. I don’t want them being used in science experiments.

Thank you to Baby Spa for providing the samples used for this review.


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