ABC Kids Expo: Out of Creative Titles


Who knew that a simple chest clip could elicit so many questions, lol!  So without further ado, here’s a picture of the new Radian chest clip.  We do plan on devoting more space to the Radian in an upcoming post–promise! 


Let’s talk about Baby Trend.  The first, and only, infant seat on the market with rigid LATCH, the Latch-Loc, is being phased out of production in favor of the Flex-Loc.  As with all manufacturers, Baby Trend is updating their fashions to include a super cute giraffe print (Kiku), plus a more sophisticated collection of a toile print with a splash of pink or blue (Metropolitan).  Of course they have others, but these stuck out in my mind.  Darren can follow up with their stroller collection; I never was a stroller person and the last time I bought a stroller was about 6 years ago.


On to Recaro!  They are coming out with non-handed LATCH in February on the Signo.  If you’re scratching your head on the terminology like I was, it just means that you don’t have to switch the LATCH connectors from rear-facing to forward-facing (when she said “non-handed”, I pictured the LATCH connectors flying up and connecting themselves to the lower LATCH anchors à la Harry Potter).  Also out in February are new colors, fashions if you will.  The Como will also be getting a new color line-up, but not until they’ve depleted their current stock, so later next year is when we’ll see the new color line.  And the covers are still made of that scrumptiously soft fabric that Recaro is famous for using.  The Como will have a smaller head pillow.  Recaro is working on certifying the Young Sport to 65 lbs. with the harness–yay!  But, the release date on that is a year away, so no holding your breath or you’ll turn a vibrant shade of blue. 



Dorel is home to Cosco, Safety 1st, Eddie Bauer, and Maxi Cosi.  I saw the whole line of car seats there this year and saw a 40 lbs. Alpha Omega Elite sitting next to a 50 lbs. Alpha Omega Elite.  I knew they had increased the overall size of the AOE50, but it wasn’t so glaringly apparent as when they were sitting side-by-side.  The AOE50 is several inches taller than the older 40 lbs. model to accommodate a taller child.  I didn’t measure the harness slots because they haven’t changed since I measured them at the KIM Conference: 17.5″.  The Scenera has some new fashions.  One I noticed was the lime green.  I played a bit with the onBoard infant seat and the rep showed me how to shorten the crotch strap so it was set to preemie length–very cool.  Another cool feature of the onBoard seat to appear in January: an upper limit of 30 lbs.!  So, beginning in January, the weight limits will be 4-30 lbs.


New in the Maxi Cosi line is the Rodi XR booster (it’s pronounced Road-ee, not Road-eye).  The Rodi base has an on-the-fly recline feature, the torso wings adjust in or out, and it can become a backless booster.  It comes in a variety of vibrant colors (and regular colors too, for those of you who are more tame in your choices).  The Mico has new fashions as well.  The one that caught my eye was a beautiful blue flower print.  Sorry, I didn’t catch a name for it.  They had it displayed on a Quinny stroller that folded down to a size that would fit into an overhead bin on an airplane.  Very cool!  Now for the pictures!



Don’t forget that what we’ve done so far for many of these manufacturers is an overview of their products.  We still have more to share, including more pictures, more products, etc.  There’s so much to tell you!


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