ABC Kids Expo 2012: What’s new from Chicco, Combi & Recaro


We already reported some of the highlights from the ABC show in our previous blogs but here is our full scoop:

Chicco – the big news is their NextFit convertible which will [hopefully] be available by early summer 2013.


NextFit Specs & Features:

  • 5-40 lbs RF; 22-65 lbs FF
  • Overall max height of 50″
  • Rear-facing height limit: 1″ rule
  • 17.5″ top harness height
  • 25-26″ seated height
  • 2 position chest clip: wider for forward-facing, more narrow setting for rear-facing
  • Harness straps widen automatically as harness height is raised
  • 9 recline angles & dual recline angle indicators (for both RF and FF position)
  • SuperCinch LATCH tightening system (force multiplying system)
  • Bottom infant insert cushion should be removed at 11 lbs
  • Lockoffs: for both RF & FF; use lockoff opposite buckle side; don’t switch retractor if using lockoff but doing so won’t be considered misuse either
  • Latch: open belt doors to remove LATCH attachments; move LATCH belt into desired belt path then close doors
  • Product weighs approx 25 lbs
  • Expected availability in U.S. – June 2013
  • $279.99
  • Will go to Canada but not right away

We messed up our first NextFit video when we failed to attach both LATCH connectors before pulling on the SuperCinch tabs. Ooops! So here’s a redo, showing the correct way to attach and use the SuperCinch feature on the NextFit.



New Chicco fashions:




  • Working on Coccoro adapter for Catalyst stroller; expected availability 2nd qtr; no pricing yet
  • Red Coccoro! (Not a sure thing so don’t hold your breath)




MGT-1 (prototype name)

  • 5-65 lbs
  • Egg crate foam & EPS
  • Potentially available 4th qtr 2013
  • $399.99?




HERO (Headrest Optimization System) technology will be incorporated into new Recaro CR models with an integral belt system

Working on 5-35 lbs infant seat
Will hopefully be ready by next ABC show

Performance Series

  • New convertible line 5-40 lbs rear-facing; 20-70 forward-facing up to 50″
  • Harness pads are removable; 12″ long
  • Harness slots will be wide enough so pads will slide through them (to shorten pad length on smaller child)
  • Rear-facing belt guide (faux lockoff) on previous convertibles has been removed



ProSport combination seat – now allows lower anchor attachments to be used in BPB mode


NEW ProBooster Performance Series (prototype)

  • 15″ depth
  • 12″ wide at armrests
  • Non-adjustable lower LATCH attachments
  • Didn’t measure height but should be as tall as current ProBooster model


Vivo booster fashions



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