Britax Baby Carrier *Giveaway*!


Britax is well known for their carseats, boosters and strollers but did you know they also make baby carriers? As a parent & Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor, I certainly appreciate all the fabulous carseats we have available on the market today but carseats are designed for use in the car. And babies are designed to be held close by a loving parent or caregiver. Let’s be honest – in our society right now babies are spending waaaay too much time in their infant “bucket” seats. It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten how to hold and carry our babies!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the convenience that an infant carseat provides but consider how many hours the average American infant spends in his or her infant carseat. First, there is all the time spent in the carseat in the vehicle, then all the time spent in the carseat when used with the stroller (aka the “travel system”), now add in the time spent in the carseat when at the grocery store (and on that note – please NEVER perch your infant carseat on the top of the shopping cart), now add in the time spent in the carseat finishing a nap on the living room floor, etc. It really starts to add up! Look, no one is suggesting that you shouldn’t allow baby to finish his/her nap in the carseat but try to make a concerted effort to limit the amount of time that baby spends in the infant carseat each day. As a practical alternative, use a sling or soft baby carrier when you’re out and about!

The contest is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Thanks to our generous friends at Britax we’re giving away one Britax Baby Carrier! There’s a story behind this but I know you care less about the story and more about the giveaway so I’ll make it brief. At the ABC Expo the clever and creative marketing peeps at Britax had this entertaining “win a Britax product” wheel at their booth and we had a chance to spin the wheel and win whatever product or accessory it landed on. We tried to convince them that we should get 3 spins since Darren, Heather & I were all present but they didn’t go for it. Lol! I had the honor of spinning for Team CSB (and for our readers!) and I won the Britax Baby Carrier which is actually a really nice prize even though I didn’t know much about the product at the time. I’ve enlightened myself since then and here’s what I can tell you…

The Britax Baby Carrier with “CarryLong” system was designed specifically to provide long lasting back and shoulder comfort when wearing your child for extended periods of time.  If you’ve tried other baby carriers in the past and hated the strain on your back and shoulders after 20 minutes then you understand how important good design and proper weight distribution is!




Britax Baby Carrier Specs:

  • For babies and children 8-32 lbs
  • Includes removable infant insert – recommended for babies 8-14 lbs (or until baby’s head reaches top of carrier pouch)
  • Child may face either direction
  • CarryLong” system designed and engineered to provide maximum comfort for parent/caregiver when wearing child for extended periods of time
  • Padded leg openings
  • Adjustable head support
  • One-handed buckles and snaps allow you to get child in and out easily
  • Harness straps adjust from front of carrier
  • Waist belt range: 22″ – 56″
  • Product weight: 1.25 lbs
  • Machine washable
  • MSRP $129.99

For more info on the Britax Baby Carrier:

Now for the contest details and fine print:

To enter to win – please leave us a comment here on the blog. You are not eligible if you have already won a carseat or sponsor giveaway from in 2011 or 2012 (our own giveaways of bags and such don’t count if no sponsor was mentioned).  Blog writers and editors are also not eligible.  Only one entry per household/family, please.  If you leave more than one comment, only the first one will count.

Our Canadian readers are encouraged to participate as they are also eligible to win!

We reserve the right to deem any entry as ineligible for any reason, though this would normally only be done in the case of a violation of the spirit of the rules above.  We also reserve the right to edit/update the rules if necessary.  If a winner is deemed ineligible based on shipping restrictions or other issues or does not respond to accept the prize within 30 days, a new winner will be selected.

Please note:  If this is your first comment at CarseatBlog, or if you are using a different computer/device or a new email address, your comment may not appear immediately.  It will not be lost; it may just take a few hours for it to be approved.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as this is the only way we have to reduce comment spam.

Good Luck!


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