Clek the Merciful has agreed to provide an Ozzi backless booster for this week’s giveaway!  It’s the very first partner we’ve had for a carseat freebie!  But wait, there’s a catch!  Unlike past giveaways, this one won’t go to a random winner or to the first person who comments with a correct trivia answer.  The almighty Clek demands something in return!  Specifically, you must write a guest review (free of bad grammer) about your new Ozzi for CarseatBlog.com.  To prove your writing skills, you must also comment on this blog with your entry essay.

Essay, you say?  Indeed, Clek invokes nightmares from high school, college and professional exams to get your attention.  This one should be a lot more fun, however, and for your entry, no one is checking your spelling or grammar (as far as you know).  Also, it will be the shortest essay you’ve ever written, just a few words or a few lines. In no more than 100 words, Clek demands to know why your review will be the best one.  Be truthful;  maybe your kid’s name is Ozzi.  Fabricate; claim that a photo of you with a Clek tattoo will appear in the review.  Or maybe that would be truthful?  Whichever way you want to go, the omnicient Clek will be the judge as to whether your essay is good enough to win an Ozzi.

There are a few rules involved.  First, you must not have won a carseat giveaway or any giveaway from one of our sponsors or partners at CarseatBlog in the past (bags of stuff sent by CarseatBlog don’t count!).  Second, one entry per household/family.  Third, the winner is actually expected to create a comprehensive written and/or video review of your new Ozzi within a few weeks.  Please don’t enter with the intention of selling it on Carseat Swap or eBay or Craigslist or wherever.  The omnipotent Clek knows where you live!  The rules depend on the honor system, but for the sake of future giveaways, please abide by them.

The contest ends Sunday, whenever I get online and post a comment that it’s over- so you have some time to get creative! Winners announced sometime next week.