ABC Kids Expo 2012: What’s new from Diono, Harmony & Peg Perego


Apologies for the delay in getting updates from the ABC Expo posted but between the Tri-State CPS Conference last week (in the geographical location formerly known as Atlantic City, NJ) and Hurricane Sandy – things have been a little hectic on my end.  We lost power on Monday evening as Sandy raged through the area and we spent a couple of days and nights without heat or electricity. I’ll be honest – I was getting more than a little cranky. Thankfully some guys from South Carolina drove up to NY with a large truck full of new generators. It was a major investment that we weren’t planning to make this month but desperate times call for desperate measures (and a credit card)!  So, courtesy of our new generator and the mobile hotspot from my phone – I hereby bring you the next round of ABC updates…



New StratoFIX $349 (Euro model should launch simultaneously;  plans for it to make its way to Canada eventually).

See our previous StratoFIX blog with video here.

  • Still in prototype stage
  • Forward-facing only: 22 – 80 lbs
  • Rigid LATCH attachments with SuperLATCH connectors
  • Load leg (does not detach)
  • Will have top tether strap
  • Recline feature
  • Lockoff for seatbelt installs
  • Easy off cover
  • No rethread harness but straps also adjust (manually) to a slightly wider width for child’s comfort
  • Steel frame


Monterey with modified upper shoulder belt guides should start shipping 1st Qtr 2013.  A few new Monterey fashions will also be available next year.


New Radian GTX model will include seat protector mat, extra cupholder, and “PUREFAB” stain resistant, chemical-free, non-toxic fabric. Will also come with 10 yr warranty.

      Diono Radian GTX fabric




Lots of cool new products coming soon from Harmony but we’re not allowed to talk about them yet. We promise to post all the details as soon as our gag order is lifted! 😉

In the meantime, we did get the scoop on some Canadian products and news!
V7 (Canadian seat)
22-50 lbs with harness
80 lbs hbb; 110 lbs backless



LiteRider backless booster (aka Harmony Youth Booster) will be arriving in some Canadian Wal-Mart stores soon. 2 fashions will be available initially (didn’t say what they would be) and price will be under $20! This is BIG news for our friends north of the border!


Peg Perego:

Confirmed that the FF “lockoff” on the Viaggio convertible isn’t considered a true lockoff in their opinion even though it does cinch the belt tightly when closed. Their stance is that the function of the lockoff is to add stability but that it shouldn’t replace locking the seatbelt. Heather and I both scratched our heads over that one. Maybe they’ll change their mind down the road – but for now they want you to switch the retractor to ALR if using the seatbelt and the lockoff (assuming you have switchable retractors and not a locking latchplate). If you have an older vehicle (pre-1996) that doesn’t have seatbelts with pre-crash locking features then you will need to use a locking clip. Other changes to the Viaggio convertible include a different shell color and the pull tab (to raise and lower headrest height) has been slightly modified.


New Alcantara collection. Soft, breathable fabric – loved it!



Viaggio Highback Booster is shipping!

  • Lower LATCH attachments (push-on connectors)
  • 40-120 lbs
  • 19.5″ to bottom of belt guide in highest height setting
  • 15″ seat depth
  • 11.5″ wide between the armrests
  • Base portion has snap off cover and *thick* EPS foam
  • Reclines to match vehicle seat contour
  • Can be used backless
  • $199, $219 (depending on fashion)
  • In Canada already!

Stay tuned! More ABC updates coming soon!


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