Graco Snugride 40 Click Connect Video Review


Please stay tuned for Kecia’s Graco Snugride 40 Click Connect full review.  Until then, I have a couple photos and video previews of this great new “Rear-Facing” seat.

*UPDATE – see our complete SnugRide 40 Click Connect review here.

First, will it really fit our baby until they are 2-years old?

Great, but what about my tiny newborn?


Below you can see how well it fits a 2-year old girl (also seen in the first video) who is around 26 pounds and just a hair over the 35″ standing height limit stated in the instruction manual.  It is a good demonstration that this seat should accommodate many kids at least until their second birthday.  (CarseatBlog does not advocate that parents exceed any published limits from the manufacturer, our images are for demonstration purposes only!).   The other photo demonstrates the excellent fit to a 10-pound newborn, even with the harness height adjusted up from the minimum a few notches and the crotch strap adjusted to the longer length.


Will it fit my car?  I found installation to be pretty typical.  Perhaps a little easier than average for seatbelt installs, with a nice, narrow seatbelt path and a great built-in lockoff in case you don’t have LATCH.  LATCH wasn’t difficult, but the basic hooks are sometimes a little harder to attach and often more difficult to remove.  I’d have liked to see Graco’s great InRight LATCH attachments on a carseat in this price range, but otherwise I had no specific issues.  As for size, it’s a bit larger and heavier than most infant seats, but of course this is necessary when you need to fit kids up to 35″ and 40 pounds!  So, while it will probably fit your 2-year old in your minivan, it might not fit your 2-year old in a sub-compact car!


  • Fits many kids kids up to 2 years old!
  • Comfy newborn inserts and crotch strap adjustment provide fit to low birthweight infants
  • Innovative 8-position adjustment with recline indicator on both sides of base
  • Dual zone indicators allow for older kids to be more upright
  • Older kids get more legroom as they become more upright
  • Easy adjustments for harness height, no strap re-threading required
  • Side impact head wings
  • Built-in lockoff for seatbelt installations
  • Extendable footrest



  • Not compatible with older Graco strollers
  • Basic LATCH hooks
  • Second harness buckle tongue can be hard to insert
  • Made in China, yet costs $219.99.  Only available at Babies R Us.
This is perhaps the first infant seat that will fit most kids until they are ready to be forward-facing at 2-years old, the age recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Obviously, you won’t be toting your 35 pound 2-year old around in the carrier!  For heavier kids, both carrier and base will generally remain in the car at all times, rather than detaching the carrier to bring a sleeping baby into the house with you.  For those kids that do make it past 2-years, they could well move from this carseat into a combination harness/booster child restraint, skipping a convertible seat altogether.  Parents who want to keep their kids rear-facing beyond 2 years may still opt for a larger convertible, of course, but for most parents, this is provides a very nice step beyond the 1 year, 20-pound minimum requirement for forward-facing.


Please also visit the Graco Baby website for more information on the Graco Snugride 40 Click Connect.


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