Transporting Special Needs Children? It’s EZ with the Roosevelt


The Roosevelt has been at a number of conferences and shows over the last few years, including the Lifesavers conference we just attended.  It doesn’t get a lot of publicity, because it’s a rather expensive model intended for special health care needs.  It does, however, have some more mainstream applications.  For example, it has an upper weight limit of 115 pounds, maximum height of 62 inches and a top harness slot of over 22″.  That alone makes it one of the only options for older kids in the top few percentiles of weight or height who may not be ready for a booster or seatbelt.

Special needs child restraints serve a very important purpose, from preemies to teenagers who can’t use a conventional carseat for any of a number of reasons.  Just as there are specialty seats for this purpose, there are many specially certified technicians who have taken an extra course to be familiar with these issues.  Working with you, your child and their physician or therapist, a special needs tech can help create a personalized transportation plan.

Do you have a child with special health care needs and have questions on what to do when transporting them in your vehicle?  Our discussion forums at Car-Seat.Org now have a special forum for this purpose (and also for issues involving alternative transportation like school buses and aircraft).  It is monitored by around a dozen certified technicians who have taken the special needs transportation course.  The forum is overseen by a course instructor who works with special health care needs patients in a hospital setting.  Please feel free to browse or ask a question!  No registration is required, though questions from unregistered guests may take some time before they are approved and appear to the public.


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