Yeah, you.  The guy behind me who sped past me in the left lane, doing 10mph over the speed limit.  Then, immediately merged into my lane only to jam on the brakes to make a right turn.  Why not just merge behind me and wait the two extra seconds, saving fuel and avoiding a dangerous situation?  I mean, seriously, there was no one else behind me, and you probably didn’t even see the kids approaching on the bikes who were fortunate that they were not close enough to cross, yet.

Then there was the driver of the Audi TT who appeared to have a baby about 1 year old forward facing in the front seat of a tiny car, in what looked to be an infant baby bucket.  I’m sorta glad I wasn’t close enough to get a better look.  Hopefully the child was a bit older and was otherwise correctly restrained in a small convertible seat, at least…

So, what road hazard did you observe this week?