With Love (& Pictures) from Lifesavers Orlando!


I arrived in hot and muggy Florida today. Woohoo!  Just a quick update on some of the things I learned and saw today. More updates to follow tomorrow.


Britax G3 Convertibles: New belly pad holds the buckle forward for loading and unloading. New HUGS pads have energy absorbing properties.  HUGS are attached via a piece of thin webbing to back of shell so they maintain proper positioning. HUGS are still optional for RF children. New chest clip. Due to new HUGS attachment system you need to grab the harness at the chest clip and pull to loosen harness straps.

Cool new Britax vehicle seat protector mat is made of an awesome thin flexible rubber material. I love it! I want one to put under my slob of a teenage son in our vehicle. Lol.



Evenflo Updates:

New mini push-on LATCH connectors (same as new connectors being used by Graco) will be available on Embrace 35 soon and eventually on the Secure Kid 300 too.

Boosters now have 110 lbs wt max and a 4 year age minimum

New Titan 65/Sure Ride convertible: Price will vary from $79 – $99 depending on fashion and trim level. I forget when it’s going to be available but will find out tomorrow and post more details. 6 sets of harness slots. Bottom slots measured around 6.5″  with bottom insert cushion. Top harness slots (without insert) measured around 19″. EPS foam.

New HBB with activity lights coming soon (available exclusively at Walmart) – based on Amp.

Discovery has a new handle coming soon! Goodbye Z handle! Hello normal handle with forward handle position. It’s not enough to make me actually like the Discovery but it’s still progress and I’ll take it! 🙂



Combi: Nothing new to report ATM. I pleaded for some new fashions for Coccoro but nothing coming anytime soon. Oh, I almost forgot. Kobuk HBB is now rated to 125 lbs.


Clek: Snowberry Foonf and Saddle Oobr are here but there is no “new” news to report.


Bubble Bum: Best laugh of the day! Meet “Mr. BubbleBum”. He’s totally far out and groovy!


Day 2 updates and photos are posted HERE.


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