The SnoozeShade Infant Seat Cover Review


Man, my kids are simply too old! Sometimes I think I shut down the ol’ babymaking factory too early, because there are new products that come out all the time that I want to test with my *own* kids. The SnoozeShade cover is one of them. I remember back in the day when I would go on long walks with first my ds, then both my ds and dd, and the sun would beat down on them in the stroller. I would rig up these elaborate blanket covers with clothespins that half the time would get blown off in the wind. I tried attaching the clip-on umbrellas, which would promptly snap off—useless, cheaply made things. So then I’d have to coat my kids in nasty, greasy, goopy sunscreen which we all hated and got in all our eyes.

Enter the SnoozeShade. The model I’m reviewing is for an infant seat, but there are stroller versions, which I would have gladly bought if it had been available 10 years ago.




  • Mesh material means breathability and comfort for kids
  • SPF 50 for safety in the sun
  • Dark material for easy napping
  • Easy shower cap slip-on style doesn’t interfere with harness
  • Around $29.99 for the infant seat version


  • Child is covered up! Easy to forget to re-fasten harness if you unbuckle, so always leave harness buckled when child is in carseat.


When you are out and about and want your child to sleep, sometimes you need a dark place and the SnoozeShade Infant Seat Cover is here to help. Both my kids required darkness to sleep, despite my disastrous attempts to sleep train them so they could sleep *anywhere* (yeah, don’t you love righteous parents who tell you that you should train your kids to sleep under bright lights with loud sounds around?). The SPF factor is great for parents who live in sunny climates or who are out in the sun frequently, and the slip-on style means it doesn’t interfere with the safety of the harness.


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