I’ve decided that because of yesterday’s problems with pictures, I’ll be posting some pictures to satisfy your viewing pleasures.  As we were leaving to take Darren back to his hotel so he could catch his limoto the airport (he only travels in style, ya know), he asked if I was coming back.  As I felt each jarring step up through my legs, hips, spine, and shoulders, I said, “No way.”  It was only 3 o’clock and the show had another 3 hours to go!  So many baby things to see and so little stamina left, lol.

 OK, one of the most popular topics on Car-Seat.org seems to be the Clek oobr, so I’ll start with those pictures :).  If you’ll recall from my first day’s postabout the show, the oobr’s fabric is called Crypton.  It’s a comfortable, softly nubby fabric that makes water and other messes want to run screaming.  Water just balls up on top, just like it does on top of a freshly waxed car. Demo of Crypton fabric The Paul Frank fashions are a flannel-type fabric–very soft and cozy.


See also the Demo of the oobr being installed and reclined.

(Darren’s Note: Heather’s back at the show today so I’ll try to add some more a bit later when I get things going at home!  Also, please remember that all the Oobr line at the show are prototypes.  The fit and finish may not be perfect, but will be at the quality level of the Olli at release.  Also, minor things may still change before release.  In particular, we were told some of the colors may vary somewhat; the blacks may be darker and the pinks may be brighter and redder before they go into production)