Lifesavers Giveaway and News Tidbits


Lifesavers is rarely full of new product information.  Most of that comes from ABC Kids Expo, though we understand there might be some news at the Kidz In Motion conference this year.  Here’s a few tidbits that I can share, above those Heather mentioned already:

The Advocate CS should have a price point around $369 or $379 in the USA.  They said in their presentation that they’ve found the side impact cushions on this model may offer up to 50% reduction in crash energy (Please don’t quote me on that if I phrased it incorrectly!).  There are some more tidbits coming about the Britax Roundabout 50 revealed by Pish Posh Baby.  I’m told it should be public in a couple weeks so stay tuned!

Dorel’s new manuals on the Alpha Omega Elite are color coded to match the label colors for rear facing, front facing and booster use.  They also include a prominent tip about extended rear-facing!

The updated Recaro Signo is due summer 2009.  It will have a non-handed LATCH system that does not require reorienting of the LATCH connectors when changed from rear to front facing.  It will also have new lockoffs and an updated manual.

Combi is working on an extended weight harness seat.  It wasn’t clear if it was a forward facing or combination model, but I’m told more information should be available by ABC Kids Expo in September.

Okay, okay, it’s not the greatest giveaway we’ve ever done.  Still, in the spirit of Marvin, we have a swell insulated Lifesavers tote bag for our winner.  What’s in it?  Well, don’t expect much and you won’t be disappointed!  Simply comment in reply to this blog to enter.  One entry per person.  If you reply more than once, only your first comment will count.  Winner announced Tuesday.  Good luck!


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