Lifesavers 2009 or Bust


Hey y’all from Nashville!  Lifesavers hasn’t officially begun, I don’t think–well, the opening session hasn’t rung in the festivities, but we CPS geeks have already had our first workshop and toured exhibit hall in search of stickers for our “passports.”

Our first session was the Latest Technology Workshop.  In the past, this has been split into 2 sessions and was known as the manufacturers’ workshops.  So, the manufacturers got up and presented their products, new and old.


olli/ozzi: Nothing new to report that we didn’t already know.  They recently increased the weight limit on the boosters to 120 lbs.

oobr: release date of July 2009; weight limit of 100 lbs.


KeyFit Strada booster: release date of May 2009 with a price point of $129.99; 33-100 lbs. with back, 40-100 lbs. without back

The KeyFit infant seats have new labels on handle hubs indicating weight limits


tether extenders are available for all convertible and combo seats

Symphony: trying to extend the weight limit past 40 lbs. (no other info. given to us on weight limit and booth was too busy to ask)

Learning Curve

The First Years True Fit 670: looking at a May release date; external LATCH storage loops on sides of seat 3 position recline; angle indicator; and that infamous anti-rebound bar on some models


The Graco rep made a point of saying that the entire base of the Nautilus must be on the vehicle seat.  No ifs ands or buts.

Mia Moda

The Viva Supreme 5080 will be out in May.  Handle can be in any locked position; 4 harness slots


The tether connector strap (D-ring) was extended by 2″ last August.

MA Click & Safe release date 6/09

Advocate Click & Safe release date 6/09

Chaperone infant travel system coming soon

Huggable Images

new 4’9″ 80 lbs. 8 yr old doll: will be available soon

Sunshine Kids

Nothing new to report


onBoard 35: different seat than the 22 lbs. seat, but the base can be used by the 22 lbs. seat

Apex 65: harness is 3″ longer–2″ longer in harness, 1″ longer in crotch strap; also LATCH can be used to vehicle LATCH limits on this seat only

chest clip has been changed to show graphic of chest clip on a child’s chest (similar to Graco’s)


Shuttle: will increase in weight limit to 33 lbs. and have new base in summer ’09; new base will have increased spring strength; LATCH storage; seat belt guide

Zeus: weight limit increased to 33 lbs. in 2009

Coccoro: 5-33 lbs. rf.; rf lockoff on back of seat near ff lockoff to grab shoulder belt when seat is installed Euro style with shoulder belt routed behind seat (but it can also be installed rf in traditional way and Combi includes a sturdy lockoff instead of a locking clip)

So, there you go; that’s the first day.  That’s what I know :).


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