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How can you support our Blog, you ask?  Well, obviously supporting our sponsors and purchasing through our affiliate Amazon and Google advertising links gives us a budget to buy drinks to sway potential new sponsors.  We’d also love you to send us huge amounts of cash in small, unmarked bills, too, but what we really need are more readers and more comments!

In our effort to woo sponsors and giveaway partners, the biggest thing that would help us is readership.   Our blog stats have grown nicely in the last 6 months.  We now have about 60 RSS feed subscribers.  We typically have about 500-800 page views each day, sometimes well over 1000 on popular topics.  We are approaching 10,000 unique visitors each month.  That’s still nowhere near as busy as the nearly 10,000 uniques a day on our forums at www.Car-Seat.Org, but still a nice steady improvement since we started blogging almost daily in July of 2008.

We’re looking to add some new features for our readers, such as integration with facebook and twitter.  Hopefully this weekend, Heather’s tweets from the Lifesavers conference will show up on the Blog homepage in the right side column.  At Lifesavers, we’ll also be groveling for new sponsors and giveaway partners to provide more free stuff for our readers.  Obviously, company reps will be more likely to respect our desperate begging if we buy them alcoholic beverages first, but we’d also like to let them see how popular our blog is and let that speak for itself!

So, please, pass along the word about to other safety conscious parents and caregivers.   If you have a parenting or safety related website or blog of your own, please send us a note and maybe we can swap blog links.  While you read our blogs, please don’t forget to leave us a comment.  That’s what really makes us feel loved and respected, at least until we earn enough to buy vacation homes and retire in Hawaii.  It doesn’t have to be much of a comment, just a few words or maybe a line or two.  Tell us if you agree, disagree or comment on the blog topic if you like.  And, of course, if you want to buy an expensive watch or notebook computer at Amazon using our link, we don’t mind that, either.  Heck, buy each of us one, while you’re at it!


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