Britax Accessories


As many of you know, Britax is releasing a number of accessories that will be considered compatible with their own child restraints, including a reversible soft-fleece/moisture-wick head and body insert for their infant and convertible seats.  Of the first to be released, I like the Sun Shades.  They are cling-on type shades that are ultra-light weight and pose no risk to occupants.  They’re a little nicer than some other cling-on shades in that they have a very thin frame that stretches them so they don’t “bubble”.  It also makes them easy to attach and remove as needed.   That can be a real hassle with some static cling shades, as they can be problematic if you want to roll down the window.  If you’ve ever lost one down in the window assembly, you know what I mean!

Britax Kick Mats, 2-pack

Britax Sun Shades, 2-pack

Britax Head and Body Support Pillow

Expect to see various accessory products bundled into value packs at brick and mortar retailers later this year.

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