Coming Soon to a Turbo near you!


The Graco Turbo backless received a “Check Fit” rating by the IIHS in recent testing.  Graco identifed a simple way to improve the fit of the shoulder belt, resulting in what should be a Best or Good rating once retested.  This fix involves the included shoulder belt guide strap.  Instead of attaching it to the base on the side of the shoulder belt, parents will now attach it in the center using the same method.  This will tend to pull the shoulder belt off the arm, onto the center of the shoulder.  This change will soon be updated in manuals and will likely be retroactive to all Graco Turbo models in backless mode.  In the mean time, it’s something you can easily try to see if it does result in a better fit of the shoulder belt.  I hope you didn’t throw your strap away!


  1. CarSeatPoncho January 22, 2012
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