The Dorel Technical Center for Child Safety – CPS Heaven in Indiana? Part II


In Part I, I discussed how we wound up visiting Dorel’s Technical Center for Child Safety in Columbus, Indiana and what they accomplish there.  It’s quite the impressive place and after thoroughly enjoying the little trip down carseat memory lane they have on display, it was time to move on to the next stop on the tour.

Getting an education on “Soft Goods”.  Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 pictured.



Next, the Model Shop where products and components are pulled and swung and twisted and hammered. And tested for Lead (using proper industry standard procedures).  That blue machine is pounding the chest clip… 15,857 times (and counting)!



Moving along to the lab…

For the record, I was a crash test virgin that day.  😉

The photos of the sled and dummy below were post-crash, that’s why the chest clip is low.  Check out the cheat sheet with all the acronyms!  Test analysis was impressive.




Meeting the kids…



ATD calibration and maintenance.  Fascinating, in a slightly disturbing way.




The IIHS Booster Fit Evaluation Fixture



OMG – the warehouse was humongous!  It was probably the equivalent of several city blocks.  They gave us headsets so we could hear our tour guide as they drove us around.   I was absolutely floored by the amount of inventory – and we were told that was only about 2 weeks worth!




Again, I want to thank the generous folks at Dorel for taking the time to show us around, running sled tests for us, and giving us a better perspective of what it’s like on their end.  I truly enjoyed our time spent there and learned a lot!



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