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You could just click a button to donate to a non-profit organization and get nothing for it, other than the satisfaction that you are helping an important cause.  We offer our readers something much better.  Satisfaction AND free gifts!  If you’re a technician or advocate, this is almost essential!  In fact, I’ve heard rumours that it is illegal in many states NOT to become a member of Safety Belt Safe USA at the Tech Special rate!   Consider that a subscription to the excellent Safe Ride News newsletter is almost an $80 value at the introductory rate.  On top of that, you get a free CD with instruction manuals and the excellent Safety Belt Safe summary sheets for child restraint models from 1996-2007 (or newer as updated editions are released).  That’s a $210 value!  You also get a free Safety Belt Safe newsletter, online access to instruction manuals (especially new ones not included on the CD) and the ability to print out the great Safety Belt Safe recall list from the internet.  Yes, another $210 value!  That’s an amazing $500 in value for free gifts, over and above supporting THE national, non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety.

As yet another free bonus, if you’re a technician, the newsletters may qualify you for CEU credits that can be used at your next renewal for certification.  This isn’t to mention that it will help you to lose 10 pounds a week and get perfect abs in just months with no changes to your diet or exercise routine!  But, you must act now for this special online offer, because supplies are limited!

So, what would you pay for all this, including the great feeling you get by supporting this fantastic 501(c)(3) charity?  $300? $400?  Even $500?  No, No, NO!  You get all this for the amazingly low rate of $250!  That’s half what you’d pay in stores, but this offer isn’t available in stores or even on TV!  As a super special offer only valid on the day you read this blog, if you are one of the first 100 subscribers to tell them CarseatBlog sent you, then you will qualify for our special negotiated rate of only $125 for a year for Tech Special access.  That’s half of the normal price and one quarter what you’d pay in stores, plus your subscription may be tax deductible!

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* CarseatBlog is not responsible for omissions, inaccuracies or misleading statements contained in this offer


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