Phew! I thought I’d never get them all done but I’m happy to report that this is the last ABC-related blog on this year’s show.  I almost wish I had an extra day or two just to try to cover the plethora of cool products that weren’t carseats or strollers.  Then again, if I did, I’d probably be blogging about the expo until Valentine’s Day so maybe it’s a good thing that we had to leave after 3 days.  

There were some incredible, creative displays at this show.  I think my favorite was the band for Rockin Green eco-friendly laundry detergent.  They made me wish I had stinky cloth diapers to clean!  Okay, not really but they were definitely memorable in a fun upbeat way! 



Baby carriers: Hotslings & Ergo



Accessories: City Grips – stroller handlebar covers (available in straight or curved)



Ju-Ju-Be bags & gear



 Foogo containers & insulated lunch bags



I leave you with one final image from the show. And my personal favorite… (thanks, Brooks!)