ABC Expo 2011: Strollers (BOB, Bugaboo, iCandy, Uppa Baby & Baby Jogger)


Yes, we’re CarseatBlog but you can’t love carseats without acknowledging that, at least here in the states, infant carseats and strollers go together for many parents.  Plus, I’m a recovering stroller addict so I appreciate quality and innovation in this department.  In previous blogs we covered some of the cool new strollers we saw from Kiddy, Orbit, Combi & Cybex.

Unfortunately, with our hectic schedule, we really didn’t have time to stop and chat with any of the dedicated stroller manufacturers. However, I tried to grab a few quick pics at some of the popular booths.  At the end of the last day my camera battery died and I was forced to use my cell phone so I apologize in advance for the poor quality of those last few pics. 



Uppa Baby






Bugaboo Donkey



 Baby Jogger: City Mini (new colors), City Mini GT & coming in 2012 – City Versa! (pic of promo banner only)