ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Orbit Baby!


So many updates and cool new innovative products coming soon from orbit baby (not that we would expect anything less from them)!  And they totally get brownie points for the 10th Anniversary mouse pad photo op!  We felt the love… thanks guys!  We <3 orbit baby too!

Let’s start with updates to the one-of-a-kind infant carseat and base G2.  We have a review of the original model (22 lbs. max) here.  This seat, and its bigger sibling, the Orbit Baby Toddler Seat made my list of Best Child Restraints of the Decade, thanks to the incredible innovation that went into the design and engineering of these unique products.

  • New infant positioning insert for babies 4-11 lbs (pictured below) will be available by year’s end.  They had to push back the launch date due to stronger than expected demand from both consumers and retailers.  It will ship separately but will be free to all registered Orbit Baby infant seat owners. Insert is back compatible with older Orbit Baby infant seat models. New low birth weight kit will include foam insert, smaller chest clip and new head & body insert bolsters. Smaller chest clip will be provided with all new seats going forward but low birth weight kit will be available separately, by request (once it’s available).  In my opinion, the foam positioning insert will be beneficial for most average newborns – not just preemies or low birth weight babies.
  • Minor improvements to harness system for ease of use



New Orbit Toddler Carseat G2 (we have a review of the original Toddler Seat here)

  • Improved harness system
  • Deeper headwings & side bolsters for increased SIP
  • Magnetic harness clips keep straps out of way while loading/unloading
  • Improved labels (AAP 2 yr RF recommendation mentioned but not mandated)
  • RF 15 – 35 lbs (unchanged)
  • FF 25 – 65 lbs (new higher wt minimum), up to 50″
  • Ruby fabric will be available first (Nov), followed by Black & Mocha later



Another very cool feature on Orbit Baby carseats –  a QR (Quick Response) code on the label which will load the instruction manual if you scan the code with your smart phone.  Handy for parents & CPS Techs alike!  Technology rocks (but only when it works,  as we found out from our first failed attempt at this video)! lol

New Orbit Booster coming Spring 2012

  • Dual mode 40-100 lbs, 38 -60″
  • Rigid Latch with pivot feature
  • Prototype measured 21″ to bottom of belt guide in tallest setting



For me, the most amazing new orbit baby product at the show wasn’t a child restraint. It was the super-innovative Double Helix stroller which can accommodate any combination of orbit baby carseats and/or stroller seats, facing forward or back.  Seats can also be swiveled to load and unload children sideways.  Helix Plus upgrade kit can turn any single orbit stroller G2 into a Double Helix, but still let you easily revert back to a single again, as needed.  How cool is that?!?!  Available Spring 2012.  Even if you’re not in the market for this or any other stroller, you have to check out the video and tell me what you think.


More Double Helix & single Stroller G2 pics. I love the sidekick stroller board for older kids who want to catch a ride and the pannier bags!




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