ABC Expo 2011: Cybex – What’s new, what’s staying, what’s get-it-while-you-still-can


CYBEX!  After the roller coaster of their initial announcement that they were pulling out of the U.S. carseat market, followed soon after by their semi-retraction reiterating their commitment to the U.S., we arrived in Louisville not sure what to expect from our friends at Cybex & Regal+Lager.  As it turns out, the scoop (at the moment) is that the Aton infant seat has officially received a reprieve but sadly, the Solution X-Fix booster has not. So the X-Fix is a get-it-while-you-still-can item but you don’t have to buy and stash an Aton if you don’t actually need one anytime in the near future. 

What’s new, you ask?  Why, an awesome Cybex double stroller – Twinyx!  Available late 1st qtr 2012.  $400.   It does not accept an infant carseat so it’s not meant to be a travel system stroller but it’s still a really nice new side-by-side.


Cybex Solution X-Fix & Aton


Regal+Lager definitely gets brownie points for having the coolest looking booth at the show.  And for being the only booth that served Gin Martinis after 4 pm!