ABC Expo 2011: What’s coming soon from Kiddy USA!


The Kiddy World Plus & CruiserFix Pro boosters are now available (or shipping very soon)!  We are pleased to note that all of our measurements from Lifesavers Phoenix still stand.  Therefore, we’re running our Kiddy video again in case you didn’t see it the first time.  Accurate measurements and updated price points listed below.

Kiddy World Plus $279: 12 height positions, seat depth 15.5″,  approx 22-23″ tall when measured to closed belt guide, 22-40 lbs with shield (they’re hoping to get that higher at some point in the future), 40-110 highback booster.  Possible fashions: Phantom (gray/black), Henna (dark gray/deep purple?), Rumba (black/ cranberry), Niagara (lt blue/dark gray), Oasis (yellow/green)

Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro $219: don’t have official wt range yet but should also be rated to 110 lbs, rigid lower LATCH attachments, shock absorber feature in lap belt guide area, extendable leg depth range 14-17″, not as tall as KWP – measurement to bottom of belt guide on tallest setting approx 20″.  Possible fashions: Phantom (gray/black), Lavender (black/purple), Rumba (black/cranberry), Walnut (black/brown)

ABC pics:

Fantastic new Kiddy strollers! City ‘n Move $219, Click ‘n Move3 $299:


Cool new product: Kiddy Beacon Lights!  Want a pair?  We have a set to give away!  See details below.

Do you have a need for Kiddy Beacon lights? Leave us a comment below telling us how you’ll use them (feel free to comment about the rest of the upcoming Kiddy products too) and you’ll automatically be entered to win a set! Everyone is eligible to enter. Winner will be selected next week on Sunday.


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