ABC Expo 2011: clek foonf, oobr & olli


Truthfully, we were so focused on the prototype foonf that I didn’t notice much else.  But I did snap a few pics of their displays before we left.  Not sure what, if anything, displayed was new.  I’ll leave it up to you guys to fill me in!  I do know the Paul Frank “Scurvy” oobr was discontinued and therefore not present.  I’m bummed about that because it was my favorite Paul Frank print.  On the bright side, you now have the option of a Special Limited Edition “Saddle” oobr in top-grain leather.  Not my thing personally but I understand that there is, and always has been, a demand for high-end leather carseats.  The Saddle oobr was actually really nice!  If you just have to have one, better hurry since they’re only making 250 of them.  No idea what they’re going to sell for but I suspect that if you have to ask, it’s not the seat for you.  

See our most recent review of the clek oobr here.  Oobr and Olli are both on our Recommended Seats List!    

Basically, everything we know about foonf was covered in Darren’s wtf?! blog, the morning we saw it.  I don’t have much else to add except my initial impression of what the seat looks like.  To me, it has the sleek, clean lines of a Coccoro [on a base] but the head support, steel reinforced frame and fabrics of the Oobr.  I’m not sure what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting a seat with real 3-across potential, which foonf has.  That was a surprise but in retrospect – a very pleasant surprise.  Judging by how many 3-across threads we see on the forum, I think there’s a huge market for slim, higher-weight RF/FF harnessed seats.  Really, even if you had to buy 2 or 3 foonfs (does the plural somehow seem funnier than the singular?), that’s still going to be a lot cheaper than buying a new vehicle.  And with a 9 year expiration, if you can pass it down to subsequent children and actually get 9 yrs of use out of it – it breaks down to only $50 per year (slightly more for the Paul Frank fashions). 

If you think about it that way, it’s a little easier to digest the pricetag.  Still, I understand that foonf is going to be out of reach for many budgets.  Maybe clek can offer us a layaway plan?  Or better yet, how about a “sponsor a foonf” program where they email you a picture every month of a sad, lonely little pre-production foonf with no one to love it (in your fashion of choice, of course). Once your “sponsorship donations” reach the $450-$500 level and the seat is ready to ship, they send you your precious foonf that you’ve already bonded with over pictures and letters!   

All joking aside, I bet most of us thrify mamas could manage to save up enough for a foonf if we had enough time to do it.  Step 1: confirm your eggo is preggo.  Step 2: start a foonf fund!  By the time baby is 6-9 mos old and ready for foonf, I bet you’ll have enough saved for it.  Do the math – it’s less than $33/month if you break it up over 14 months.  Even if you started saving today, you have 7-8 months before it’s even available.  So don’t delay – start today!  Yes, I’m totally being an enabler but only because I think this seat is going to ROCK!!  And hey, if you really don’t like it or it doesn’t work for your situation, at least you’ll have enough money saved to buy anything else you want, right?  😉 

Have a foonf fund already?  Send us a picture of it and we’ll post it on this blog!  Pics can be sent to carseatblog “at” gmail “dot” com (put foonf fund in the subject line)


ABC clek photos below. In case we haven’t mentioned it already, foonf will be available in all the same fabrics and fashions as big brother, oobr!



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