ABC Expo 2011 Dorel Carseats: What’s New from Safety 1st, Maxi-Cosi, Cosco & Eddie Bauer


So much to look forward to from Dorel in the near future!  We were impressed by a lot of what we saw.  And the new, rear-facing recline range of 30-45 degrees, which is going to be allowed on at least some of their convertible models going forward, is much appreciated.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! 

To clarify, the new convertibles with the dual level lines will allow the seat to be installed at a more upright angle (up to approx 30 degrees from vertical) when rear-facing but only for kids who weigh more than 22 lbs and who are also able to sit upright unassisted.  

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70:   New fashions!  In addition to “Total Black” which is already available. There is now a taupe cover that Heather really liked (sorry, didn’t catch the name) and “Intense Red” which is coming soon.  The darker fabric on Intense Red is more maroon than eggplant. The fabric is actually called “Wine Tasting”.  I like it for that reason alone – lol!  The red definitely has orange undertones.  We put it next to the red Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR booster, which is more of a true red, to give you a better idea of how the colors looks in real life.  Check out our full review of the Pria 70 here!


Maxi-Cosi Prezi infant seat: 4-30 lbs, fits preemie doll very well, no-rethread harness, coming in April, anti-rebound bar, headrest extends up past seat, “EZ Out” System–harness pops up and out of the way when unbuckled due to foam pads inside harness strap covers, based on the European “Pebble” infant seat, base is about 23″, has KeyFit-like lockoffs.


Eddie Bauer Cozy Carry Elite Plus, Scenera 40 RF, & Guide 65:  Scenera has additional infant insert and quilted fabric. Still no EPS/EPP foam in Scenera but Dorel states that the seat tests so well without it (even meeting the strict Candian compression-deflection standard without it) that it’s hard to justify increasing the price point just to add it.  Guide 65 is XRS 65 model under EB brand name.  Has rf/ff/bpb weight limits on fabric tab sewn to front of cover, $99, shipping in Dec. In stores in Jan.


FYI – Some Walmarts are stocking the Safety 1st Cozy Carry Elite Plus.  We’re happy to hear that!  See our full review of this seat here.  New fashions for CCEP include “Celine” & “Odyssey”.


Safety 1st Chart 65 Air$139, headrest adjusts separately from harness and from back of seat, 16.5″ top slots, 1 harness strap, bottom slots around 7-7.5″ with padding, shipping at end of year, will be available at Target.


Safety 1st Comfort Zone Complete Air SE:
Battery powered airflow, fan system blows ambient room air.

Cosco Apt: Same price as Scenera 40 RF, dual level line indicator allows for seat to be more upright for kids over 22 lbs who can sit upright unassissted, hard plastic dual upholders, $54, will be available at Kmart, Target, Sears (deluxe model), 40 lbs max RF and FF.  Interesting new upright/recline positions.  Basically a new, improved Scenera.  Looks like a great seat but won’t be a good option for 3-across since the cupholders make it wider than the traditional Scenera.


Topside: backless booster, blow molded, 40-120 lbs, in the $13ish range


*all Dorel backless boosters, including the popular High Rise, will be switching to a 40 lb weight minimum

Misc Photos: Maxi-Cosi Rodi XR booster, Safety 1st Boost Air booster, Cosco Pronto booster, Safety 1st onBoard Air 35 infant seat, Complete Air 65 convertible & Essential Air harnessed booster (aka combination seat).




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