ROADTRIP!!! ABC, here we come!


We’re going to Kentucky,

We’re going to the Fair [Expo],

Who wants to see a picture

of Darren

with a flower in his hair?  😀

LOL!  So Darren picked me up at O’Hare this morning and we’re making the drive down to Louisville for the 2011 ABC Expo in a Mazda 5 Touring (review coming soon).  Heather is meeting us there this afternoon.  Can you guess where we had lunch?  

It’s going to be a busy few days and we are psyched!  The fun starts this evening with the New Product Showcase Reception. We’re not expecting to see anything really exciting (to us)  but you never know.  The major news /updates will start Friday morning.  We’ll be tweeting and posting on our facebook page frequently and then following up with blog posts and lots of pictures when we have a bit more time.   If you’re not following us on fb and/or twitter yet, now would be a good time to start!!/CarseatBlog


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