Chicago Auto Show Safety Awards


It’s time to announce the 2009 CB-CASAs! (Carseat Blog Chicago Auto Show Awards).  Without Further Ado:

Honorable Mention, Safety Marketing Category: Mitsubishi, Acura and others, for emphasizing safety with decals on their models:


Runner Up, You Be The Crash Test Dummy Category: The Smart ForTwo Car:


Third Prize, Better Safe Than Sore-ry Category: Mitsubishi Outlander for the least comfortable third row seat.  Ouch!


Second Prize, Concept Cars that Better Have 10 Airbags and Top Crash Test Results So I Can Justify Buying One Category: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept


FIrst Prize, “Are You Ready To Rock?” Category and Biggest Safety Oversight Category: Cheap Trick Dream Police Tactical Vehicle, for lacking restraint systems in the cargo bed so you can jam while cruising (Sure it looks fun jumping around on the car like in the Rock Band 2 game trailer, right up until you crash through a billboard!):


Grand Prize, Unsafest Vehicle: BumbleBee, for lacking airbags, shoulder belts and LATCH when he transforms into car mode.  He is also untested for frontal and side impacts by both the NHTSA and IIHS:


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