Sell Me an iPhone!


I’ve always been a bit of a phone-o-phobe.  Cell phones to me have always been for emergencies.  Great to have and once the kids started preschool, I started keeping my phone on during the day.  Big step!  Then a little over a year ago, my dh had to get a Blackberry for his job.  Oh my!  A smartphone!  He showed me all it could do-IMs, emails, basic internet.  I didn’t like the size of his, but the Blackberry Pearl was just my size.  I was in heaven.  It synced up with Outlook, a program I use heavily, I could retrieve my Gmails, and I could GoogleTalk with my friends.  My phone became my computer away from my computer.  I was in love, but I didn’t have to talk on the phone (yay!).  And it took pictures!

During the past year, my dh has gone through 3 phones.  They’ve all broken.  Uh oh.  That’s not good.  My phone has had problems, but nothing that a reboot hasn’t cured.  Until now.  All at once, I’ve lost the ability to click my track ball and the on/off button.  It’s like having a mouse without any buttons and in order to turn on the phone, I have to reboot the phone by taking the battery out.  I’m not happy.  I’ve only had the phone a little over a year and the warranty just ran out 3 weeks ago.

Given our track record with Blackberries, I want out.  We’re gentle with our phones-mine’s only been dropped once (how many of you can say that?) and dh has never dropped his.  Our kids don’t touch them.  Only problem is: I’m on a 2-year contract with Verizon.  That was the only way to get the phone (I had to go through dh’s office contract to get the best deal).  So now, to break the deal, we’re out $175, I think.  I think, because I really had to dig on their web site to even find the contract where it says that.  Cell phone providers are so paranoid that we’re going to switch that they sign us to these super long contracts to trap us, then charge us out the wazoo to let us break them.  If they were so confident in their product, they’d let us pick and choose and pay as we go, like Cricket Wireless.  Unfortunately, if you want a premium phone with all the bells and whistles, you have to go with a contract and sign away your firstborn.

I was willing to get a Blackberry Storm for the remainder of my contract, but I can’t find a good deal on it and it costs more than to just pay to break the contract.  The more I think about it, the more frustrated and angry I get about the dumb phone and what a waste of energy, lol.  Ah, it’s probably just February and the bad weather!  I do believe I’ve talked myself into an IPhone for it’s phenomenal internet capabilities.  I know it syncs to Outlook, a very important feature for me.  So, folks, talk me into it.  I’ve heard it eats through the battery.  Am I going to like it better than my Blackberry?  Is AT&T the only carrier still for it?  Sell me a phone!


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