Automobile and Child Restraint Recalls and Defects


Just some filler material for today.  First up, some important links for parents to know when it comes to checking their child car seat for recalls.  A few lists exist, but all have the same information presented in different ways.  Here’s the tome of all recalls from the NHTSA:

Here’s a nice one from SafetyBeltSafe USA that includes additional comments about problem issues and usage tips:

And here’s a free printable list from The University of North Carolina Highway Safety Center:

You can also view that one in html format:

You can also find similar information for cars.  I could write a blog about finding and reporting defects on your automobile, but why reinvent the wheel?  There’s a nice summary here-

An insider’s guide: How to do your own detective work if your car has a defect

The same applies for your child restraints, of course!  You can file a complaint about your child restraint with the NHTSA, just as you can with tires or autos:

You can also search to see what has been reported already, using the same tool provided in the link about at the NHTSA website.  In case you forgot to fill out your warranty card to put you on the list for recall notices, you can register at the NHTSA website for automatic recall notifications, too!

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