The good news is, I found it!  The bad news is that I found it under the mattress of our sleeper sofa.  My ring doesn’t slip off my finger.  I sometimes take it off in the bathroom to shower.  Every once in a while I take it off at night and put it on the nightstand.  This wasn’t even a spot where it could have fallen into the couch.  Plus, I found it along with a toy necklace and a missing wing nut to a drum stool.

No, I think I have ruled out the car key gnomes and kleptomaniac aliens I suspected in my previous blog.  I now suspect a kleptomaniac 3-year old.  Only a couple days earlier, my wife found a stash of stolen posters that he had removed from our daughter’s room, stuck behind a CD rack with some other stuff.  A week or two ago, we were trying to leave the house and were frantically looking for our keys.  While keys are often misplaced, they’re usually mine and not my wife’s.  This time, they were found in a bag our 3-year old had been toting around with some toys in it.  I wonder what else will turn up…

In other news, we had the luxury of a late night babysitter last night.  We went to our favorite restuarant, of course.  My wife had a 2-day conference in downtown Chicago, so I stayed late and she stayed overnight.  Helped take my mind off what items would be missing from around the house when I woke up this morning!

The other good news is that it gave me something to blog about.  I had nothin’ for the topic of CPS today, other than for people to buy some Britax seats.  With the big bucks we are making from our affiliate store and sponsorships, Kecia, Heather and I expect to be able to retire a few days earlier than we had planned, partially offsetting the few years we lost in the stock market crash of 2008.

As for the ring, I’m liking my new cheapo Tungsten Carbide one better than the white Gold one that I just found.  It wasn’t my original, it was actually the second one I had lost.  Maybe I should pawn it?