Do You Woot?


Do you Woot?  I turned my dh onto Woot some time ago after my friend Julie (joolsplus3) mentioned what a great site it was.  You can buy all kinds of neat things there.  What makes Woot such a different place?  Because really, Woot isn’t just a web site.  It’s a way of being.

Each day the Woot folks choose one, and only one, item to sell.  Some witty soul posts a description of the item and on with the buying frenzy!  Depending on the item, it will either sell out immediately or not at all.  Especially fun are days when there are Woot-Offs.  Instead of selling just one item that day, Woot will continuously cycle through items.  My dh has an alarm on his computer set so that when there’s a Woot-Off, it sounds like an old-fashioned fire engine each time the item changes–woooooooooo  ooooooooooo.

As much as I roll my eyes at my dh and his silliest obsession, I can’t complain.  I’ve gotten some pretty good stuff from Woot.  My latest gift from dh (a surprise, no less!) was a Dyson DC18 Ball vacuum.  Only the day before he ordered it during a Woot-Off, I was complaining that our Dyson DC14 Animal (grrrrrrowl–haha!) was so heavy that I didn’t often haul it up and down stairs anymore; therefore, our carpets weren’t being vacuumed as much.  (Oh, really, it’s true!  I’m a clean floor freak!  And we have a dog that does this when she walks into a room.)  So far I’m *loving* the DC24.  It is a refurbished model, as Woot sometimes sells, but it’s in perfect condition.  Before the Dyson, we bought a Roomba (darn that Julie and her love of Roombas, lol).  I’m still holding out for a Scooba myself.

One prized item my dh has bought is the Bag of Crap (BOC).  It’s five bucks.  What do you get in a BOC you ask?  Well, sometimes it is just a bag of crap . . . literally garbage, smoked cigarettes, perhaps a key chain.  Some have gotten a new large screen television that actually works.  My dh has bought several BOCs.  It’s considered quite an accomplishment if you can score a BOC.  Most recently my dh has gotten a red backpack, a Nike iPod hard carrying case, and most disgustingly, a very used Roomba.  Since he has his BOCs shipped to his office, he didn’t bring home the Roomba because he said it was too gross.  But he did manage to salvage the battery and a beater bar for our Roomba, which, coincidentally, happened to need a battery.  Serendipity!

Aside from the goods that Woot sells, there’s a blog, an online community, and shirt.woot!  So, back to my original question: do you Woot?


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