Britax Frontier 85 SICT Unboxing


We scooped the details on the Frontier 85 SICT back in April.  Today we have one to show you.  There are only a few changes, so we won’t be having a full review, but we may feature it in a video or two.  The changes include the addition of side impact cushions to reduce crash forces on the child occupant and on adjacent passengers.  There is also a new 2-piece cover that is easier to remove than before and an updated fabric to replace the “mesh” fabric on the Frontier 85.  Finally, the Frontier 85 SICT is permitted to be used without a top tether to its weight limit.  This allows for greater vehicle compatibility, as some vehicles may prohibit top tether use beyond a certain weight.  Of course, Britax ALWAYS recommends that the top-tether be used whenever possible, according to the instructions.  The Frontier 85 SICT should be available retail by June 1st!

Our review of the Frontier 85 applies to the Frontier 85 SICT, with the changes noted above.  Among its various benefits, it still features the highest top harness strap height settings for a retail combination seat in the USA and also a relatively generous head restraint height for booster mode, too.  The Frontier 85 is a “Best Bet” in booster mode from the IIHS, too.


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