It’s happened again.  The PTA ladies have come a-callin’.  Only this time they have my email address and my good friend down the street is heavily involved, so I can’t escape.  Or can I?  Hide me-please!

This time it’s to try to organize a last minute spring carnival that was previously canceled because no one wanted to plan it.  It’s been done every year for at least the last 3 years we’ve attended the school and the kids really enjoy it.  Me?  I hate it.  It’s noisy, crowded, claustrophobic (when held in the cafeteria-last year was the first year it was held outside and it was considerably better, but awfully windy since spring is one of our 4 windy seasons), and full of those crappy 10 cent plastic toys you just want hanging out all over your house when it’s all over.  So imagine the look on my face when I read the email sent out by my friend asking for help to organize said event *at the last minute*.

Aw, I’d do anything to help her out, really.  But not this.  The PTA just isn’t my gig.  I help out when I can-I helped produce the phone book this year and last, and helped out with Donuts for Dads day.  We pay our family dues and I listen to my friends on the PTA board vent when they can’t get any participation from people like me 😉 .  I’m full of empathy; after all, I’m the volunteer coordinator for my local Safe Kids coalition, so I know how difficult it is to recruit volunteers.

I guess it’s like me trying to get her to take car seats more seriously.  She’s seen the flyers I’ve sent home with the kids and she knows the dangers about not using booster seats (her twins are the same age as my dd-6.5-and her oldest ds is 10), but she’s so busy with having to help make ends meet and take care of her kids that CPS just isn’t her gig.  She has the booster seats but they don’t always get used.

I am really busy, so why does that make me feel so bad to say no?  It’s because a friend asked, I’m sure.  I hate to let friends down.  It’s that SAHM thing about being a SAHM and I should have the time to do it, right?  Right.