Cybex Aton Review: Easiest Base to Install?


The Cybex Aton infant seat has been highly anticipated since it was first unveiled at the ABC Show two years ago. From first glimpse, it was a cute infant seat in a rainbow of colors. At last year’s ABC Show, we saw the base for the first time and saw German engineering and creativity at work. A big sticker on the front of the base advises “Easiest Base to Install!” Is it? Does the infant seat live up to the anticipation? Let’s see.


Infant Seat Cover-Ups for Summer


My family and I went out to dinner about a month ago to a restaurant we normally order take-out from and I spotted this cool covering for an infant seat. I almost grabbed the father’s arm to ask him where he got it, but I’m sure it would have caused him to dump his baby on the floor and besides, I’m not really that forward of a person :P. I had to go to a nationally known chain baby store the next day for something, so I strolled through the carseat aisle to see what new accessories they had for me and lo and behold, the infant seat cover-ups!

Driving Habits that Bug You


So, what is it that your spouse does that really makes you hate their driving?  How about something other drivers do while you are driving?  Everyone thinks they are a good driver, so it’s all the other idiots that cause crashes, but maybe you know a driving behavior of your own that is less than safe?  Please share!



This summer I’ve been writing about my “other” safety passion: drowning prevention. A few weeks ago I urged all of you to enroll your kids in swim lessons. Shortly after that, I wrote about how my daughter fell into the pool during my son’s swimming lesson and I realized that I needed to heed my own advice.

And I kept my word. I immediately scheduled a recurring appointment for my daughter, Anna, and she has had several lessons already.