Great News from Orbit Baby


This just in from Orbit:

  • Through additional testing, our Infant Car Seat G2 can now be used for infants from 4 – 30 lbs, 32 in (previously 4 – 22 lbs, 29 in), when used on its own or with the Car Seat Base G2.
  • Our Toddler Car Seat can now be used forward-facing from 20 – 65 lbs, 50 in (previously 20-50 lbs, 49 in). The rear-facing limits stay the same at (15 – 35 lbs).
  • This change is retroactive for both seats that were ever sold in the United States, and Orbit Baby is offering an industry-first update program for our existing users, free of charge. They can request an update sticker kit to apply to their car seat to remind them of this updated weight rating by visiting this page on our website:

You can find the official press release at the same link as above.


A WWYD for You


There are two ways to get to our favorite Target store.  Dh and I disagree on the route to take—it’s probably a Venus/Mars thing.  I, of course, think I’m right.  He, of course, thinks he’s right.  Who do you think is right?

Since I like to be fair to the underdog, let’s start with his route.  Matt likes to take surface streets all the way there.  This involves driving down a side street to get to the main street which will take us most of the way to Target.  There are many intersections along the way, which is my main concern.  The more intersections there are, the more likely it is that we’ll be involved in some sort of crash, whether it’s being rear-ended or side-impacted.  More precisely, there are 8 stoplights using Matt’s route; 8 major intersections where drivers can mash metal together.  There are other minor intersections along the way too, including one that’s had a fatality from a driver running a stop sign.  Even though these lights aren’t timed and we get caught at a red at 2-3 of them, dh thinks his route is faster.

My route involves taking the freeway.  Initially, there’s some fancy jiggering to get to the freeway that involves going through a shopping center—all on public streets though—but we still get to the freeway faster than going the long way around the center.  I like taking the freeway because the likelihood of us getting t-boned on the freeway is nil, we get better gas mileage on the freeway since there’s constant stopping and starting from intersections, and we get to drive fast—zoom!  Besides, my way has only 6 stoplights with 4 of them being at the freeway entrances ;).  Still, I have to admit that it takes about as long as dh’s route time-wise.

So, which way would you prefer to drive?  Street or freeway?  Why?

Another Unboxing?


Yes, lots of unboxings lately and a couple more to come.  If techno nerds can do them on their blogs, so can carseat nerds!  This unboxing is the coolest so far, at least from my perspective.  It’s still a bit cold here, so it takes me forever to get motivated to install carseats so that I can write a review.  In the mean time, I leave you with a video to see what is coming soon for a review!

2011 Toyota Venza Review–What Is It?


The vehicle world is full of SUVs and SUV wannabes. It seems like the family car is a thing of the past and if you actually drive a station wagon, you’re a relic doomed to wear flowy flowery shirts with bell bottom pants. So, what does all this have to do with the sharp-looking Toyota Venza? The Venza is a cross between all of them: a mid-size SUV/car/station wagon family haul-it-all. Will it overcome its identity crisis during my week with it to land itself in a particular category? I like categories—neat and clean. Read and find out!