Too Many Car Seats: The View from a Spouse’s Eyes

Sometimes I feel for my dh.  It’s got to be hard for him to always be tripping those size 12s over a booster seat here, a harnessed car seat there.  I try to keep them out of the way, but our house has no storage.  All of my unused and expired seats are in my ds’s walk-in closet (’cause yeah, like he uses it for clothing ;) ); there are about 6 seats and parts of boosters in there. 

I waited patiently for dh to come home from work the other day and change out of his suit.  I was truly afraid the UPS delivery, in combination with the box I already had, would send him over the edge, but he seemed to handle it well, no?


Unclear on The Concept: The Pickup Line

So what’s a beautiful soccer mom like you doing in a minivan like this?…” 

No, not that kind of pickup line.  My son is attending a morning summer school camp.  Like many kids there, he has attended it for years.  For the last couple years, it’s been held at a local elementary school in a residential neighborhood.   The traffic pattern is not unusual.  There is a dropoff/pickup line stretching down the street leading to a right turn into the pickup zone and parking lot.  The pickup lane is clearly painted on the street with a dividing line, a lane marker and also on signs every 50 feet or so.  There are also conditional “No Parking” signs everywhere, though of course they have times on them that correspond to the elementary school pickup and dropoff times, not the times of the summer camp.  The camp sent a map with the packet of materials, clearly showing the traffic pattern and what not to do.

Some people didn’t look at the map. Fair enough.  Many looked at it, but decided they know better.  Typical.  Others may be attending for the first time and decided they would just figure it out on their own, I guess.  Most, I think, are just completely clueless.

A Better Way to Find Info in CR Instruction Manuals?

We just completed a certification class here last week and after a particular homework assignment (yes, I’m the mean instructor that gives homework every night), I had a bright idea.  

First of all, the homework assignment on day 2 was to take home a CR instruction manual and try to find information on:

Crash Replacement

Lifespan/Expiration of CR

Does CR manufacturer allow anything to be placed under the CR to protect the vehicle’s upholstery?

The next morning we went over our findings.  To be honest, I wasn’t surprised by the response.  Many of the students were unable to find all this information even though it’s likely that it was somewhere in the manual.  The problem is that this info is frequently buried and even if you’re specifically looking for it – you might not be able to find it easily.    

Britax Parkway SG Booster Unboxing & Preview

The full review will be next week sometime, but for now you can enjoy the unboxing video and a few sneak peek photos!  You may also visit the Britax USA website for more information on the Britax Parkway SlideGuard high back (and backless too!) booster.


The Parkway SlideGuard will be available soon for around $119 at Amazon.com , Kids-N-Cribs.com and other retailers.