It’s happened again.  The PTA ladies have come a-callin’.  Only this time they have my email address and my good friend down the street is heavily involved, so I can’t escape.  Or can I?  Hide me-please!



Sometimes we do a review even without having been provided a sample for this purpose (but we really like samples!).  Usually, it would have to be something pretty good or at least something people can buy through our Amazon store;-) Last year, I happened upon a nice offer at the Car-Seat.Org forums.  I bought one, mostly for my wife.  That’s because I really didn’t drink coffee, except for a Mocha Valencia at Starbucks now and then.  That’s really more of a dessert to me, since after the whipping cream, chocolate and orange, there probably isn’t a whole lot of coffee going on.  Worst case, if it was junk, I’d only be out shipping.

Turns out, the Senseo has become the only appliance that has earned a spot on our counter top, aside from the toaster oven. 

Cheap gasoline. Have we learned our lesson?

Generally speaking, we Americans are a gluttonous bunch.  We eat too much, buy too much crap that we don’t need, generate mountains of waste and use way too much of the world’s energy resources.  It was obviously going to take something very drastic to make us change even a few of our wicked, wicked ways.  

Solving the Seat Belt Problem at Schools?

Ever since my ds started Kindergarten at his elementary school, I’ve noticed car seat use isn’t a priority for most parents.  I’ve been known to stare in vehicles as they drive by when I see kids properly buckled/boostered/harnessed in the back seat and I’m sure that’s earned me the reputation as the crazy lady who stares at everyone’s cars.  But it’s just so rare!  I’m sure those of you with kids in school know what I mean.  I mentioned this to my Safe Kids director and this year she needed a project for Halloween and she decided to work on my kids’ school.  “Buckle Up with Boo” was born.

A Night at the Airports

I got to see Kecia this weekend.  We manage to cross paths every couple years or so at a child passenger safety conference.  This time, I was in the NYC area visiting friends and we were able to get together for dinner.  Mmmm.  Lamb burgers, spanakopita, cucumber salad, Retsina!  It just doesn’t get any better than this!

Indeed, that was the high point of the trip.  The low started the next day, as the snow started coming down heavier.  My flight was already delayed from 5:25 to 5:47, many hours before departure.  It had slipped to 6:12 by the time we left for Newark airport.  Every few minutes it seemed the departure time at the gate monitor slipped again.  6:17….6:24…  Shortly after the incoming plane finally arrived and passengers were exiting, the delay jumped from 6:45 to 7:02pm.  We finally had to turn our cellphones off at 7:05pm as we left the gate.  Then 15 minutes de-icing.  Then another 10 minutes waiting to takeoff.  Not too bad in terms of delays I guess; it could have been a lot worse.  Plus, I had armed myself with a newspaper, magazines, brought a book as well as my cellphone/headphones for music.  I had also aptly splurged and spent $139 to upgrade to first class earlier in the day when I printed my boarding pass, anticipating that we could be sitting on the plane for hours if the weather worsened.  The extra room and food/beverage service was worth every penny, especially since it was a frequent flyer reward in the first place.

The flight was pretty uneventful.  We landed only about an hour and a half past the original arrival time.  I was happy to be among the first off the plane, too.  Another perk.  I zipped down to the great parking spot my wife uses on business trips.  It’s right across from the terminal and you don’t have to spend 15 minutes in the parking garage to find your car.  The batteries in my keyfob have needed replacement for months, so it wasn’t unusual when the car didn’t unlock as I approached.  I planned ahead for this and locked the doors manually, so the alarm wouldn’t be set.  Problem was, there wasn’t even a hint of juice when I turned the key in the ignition.  No interior lights, nada.  Completely dead.