Car-Seat.Org 10th Anniversary Giveaway: Day 2!


Today’s installment of 10 days of giveaways for our 10th Anniversary is a tribute to the new American Academy of Pediatrics policy on rear-facing!  Thanks to our generous sponsor, Graco Children’s Products, we are giving away a Graco My Ride 65.  Heather reviewed the MR65 and so did I.  It’s a great seat for extended rear-facing.

To enter, you must leave a comment! The contest will close one week from today, on or around April 9th.  The winner will be selected by a representative of Graco Children’s Products (or their designee) and will be announced on or around April 10th, the 10th anniversary of Car-Seat.Org forums!


One entry per household/email/IP address, please.

Past and present Car-Seat.Org volunteer staff not eligible, sorry!

You must provide a shipping address in the continental USA (Alaska and Hawaii will require a shipping charge).


Any disputes will be resolved solely by Car-Seat.Org, who will make any necessary judgment required. In the event a prize winner has not submitted valid shipping information within 30 days of being named the winner on this thread, Graco and/or Car-Seat.Org will select a new winner. Car-Seat.Org reserves the right to modify the rules or eligibility without prior notice.

Please stay with us through our 10 Days of Giveaways for our 10th anniversary through April 10th! The giveaways may be announced anywhere on our websites: forum, blog or social media!  Be sure to check out our forums for our monthly giveaway for April, including a Graco Nautilus!

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They Survived


You probably know ketchupqueen as a frequent commenter to CarseatBlog and she has even contributed an article or two for us. If you visit, you know her sage advice given as a Child Passenger Safety Technician and her community spirit. I’ve “known” her for years in cyberspace and even had a chance to meet her and her family last summer briefly (oh so briefly, lol!) inside a very dark rental car in a parking garage. (Hmm, that sounds bad, but I was just giving her a hand installing carseats—really!)

This is ketchupqueen’s family’s story of survival following a horrific rollover crash. As a tech, Anne knew how to protect her family and make sure they were safe, plus she had a little “inside” information that most “average” parents don’t have. As you read through our interview with her, you’ll see how this inside information helped keep her kids safe. This crash, while not sensational enough to make the news in Phoenix, has garnered the attention of the Special Crash Investigations (SCI) unit at NHTSA. SCI collects data from unique crashes and that data aids in designing safer vehicles.

Too much of a good thing? Summer Prodigy Infant Seat


There has been buzz for a while about the new Prodigy car seat from Summer Infant. Darren wrote a bit about it after the ABC show last year, but now it’s closer to being a reality (it should hit shelves this summer). I had a chance to play with it at Lifesavers this past weekend, and I definitely got a better feel for the seat.

First, I do like the concept of the electronic display to help parents know what their seat is doing. When the seat is level, a green smiley face pops up. If it’s not level, you get a red exclamation point. Same goes for the tightness of the seat.

Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Carseat Preview!


Greetings from the Lifesavers Conference! Heather, Jennie and I are enjoying a few beautiful days in warm, sunny Phoenix.  Tonight Heather and I were honored to be included in a small, informal gathering of advocates invited to preview a new prototype convertible seat from Dorel – the Maxi-Cosi Pria 70!

So what’s so special about this seat that it warrants making us late for dinner in order to break the news?  The most innovative feature is the seat-within-a-seat feature of the Pria 70.  What starts off as a nice, higher weight harness convertible with a no-rethread harness, decent harness slot heights and good rear-facing and forward-facing weight limits then transforms into an excellent seat for infants and even preemies with the addition of the Tiny Fit™ insert.  And no we’re not talking about a wedge of foam. This is truly a seat within a seat and it’s so coooool! It’s its own shell! It fits into the Pria and has 3 harness slots of its own for the little ones. When inserted into the larger carseat shell, it changes the recline angle for the child substantially so the seat can be installed more upright in the vehicle, but the infant has the near 45* recline. Both the larger seat and the Tiny Fit™ insert will incorporate Dorel’s Air Protect technology for increased side-impact protection.

Prototype Specs & Measurements (may change for final version so don’t hold us to these numbers):

Rear-facing 4-40 lbs

Forward-facing 22-70 lbs

Top harness slots of main shell:  17”

Harness slot heights with Tiny Fit insert: 5”, 7”, 9”

3 positions for crotch strap

Optional harness strap covers and infant head hugger support

Additional preemie chest clip (not pictured) will be included in the box for those infants who may benefit from something smaller than the standard chest clip

Maxi Cosi Pria 70 Price Point $249

Expected Arrival – late summer

Without the Tiny Fit insert, the recline in the recommended “this line level to the ground” angle is pretty upright – somewhere around 30-35 degrees. This means the seat will take up considerably less room in the rear-facing position despite the fact that it’s rather tall.  Ultimately, this should make many rear-facing toddlers and preschoolers happy to be sitting more upright.  Mom and Dad will be happy too because they won’t have to eat the dashboard just because junior is rear-facing behind them.  Younger babies will have closer to a 45 degree recline with the TinyFit insert.