We’re Still Here (And Asking For Your Vote!)

Our blogs have been a bit scarce lately, as we’ve all been busy with other things over the last week or two. We’ll pick it up a bit after Thanksgiving. In the mean time, here’s an easy way to donate to THE national, non-profit organization dedicated to child passenger safety.  It won’t cost you anything but a few seconds if you already have a Facebook account!

Chase Bank is offering funds to non-profits if they get enough votes before 12/11. We are small but if everyone we know votes, there is a small chance we might qualify. It’s easy to vote.

Go to www.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving

If you are a member, up at the top right, login/use password and you’ll be asked to name the charity

SafetyBeltSafe U.S.A. (zip code is 91003–maybe if you put that in, you won’t have to type our name)


Then, if you are willing, and have a FACEBOOK wall, Chase will send a note to your Wall that you voted for us. 

If you are feeling really activist, tell some folks to whom you can forward a message and maybe they’ll join the voting.

If you don’t have a Facebook page, apparently, Chase will help you create one. 


What’s in a Review?

Chances are you’ve come to the blog to read a carseat review at least once.  Perhaps you’ve seen our dismissals of the Consumer Reports carseatreviewgraphic ratings and the NHTSA Ease of Use ratings and thought to yourself, “Well, they’re biased.  They want us to come read their reviews and clicky-click on their links.  I’d rather trust CR, the magazine I’ve trusted my whole life with my other purchases, and NHTSA, the government safety agency that rates vehicles.”  No doubt you’ve seen other reviews on the web: some are quite brief, while others just talk about things such as how their 6 mo. old loves to sit in the booster seat.  Who do you trust?  Why should you put any stock in a review at CarseatBlog.com over any others?  What makes any one review better than another?

Texting and Driving – When Will We Learn?

textingRecently we lost yet another life on our roadways. A 29 year old mother with her 3 year old daughter in the backseat rolled her minivan on the Interstate in NY after swerving into the median and then overcorrecting.  Mom didn’t survive.  Her child was airlifted to a local hospital with head injuries after being ejected from the vehicle (no mention of child restraint usage or non-usage).  Investigators believe the driver may have been texting just before the crash. 

Makes you wonder what it takes to get through to people, doesn’t it? And, as the above story illustrates, this isn’t just a problem with teenagers.  Many mature adults are just as guilty. So why do people insist on continuing this incredible risky behavior even though they know better?  

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