The New *Evenflo Symphony* Carseat – A Sneak Peek

Yesterday many of the frequent visitors to the car-seat.org forums received a tasty little treat -  a sneak peek at a new child restraint from Evenflo that is expected to debut at the ABC industry trade show in September.  

Here’s what we think we know – the Evenflo Symphony will be a 3-in-1 seat like  to the ones that Dorel has produced for years under their various brand names (Cosco, Safety 1st and Eddie Bauer).  It will be a rear-facing seat up to 35 lbs, a forward-facing harnessed seat from 20-40 lbs and it will convert into a highback booster for kids 30-100 lbs.  How well it will perform any of these functions remains to be seen. 


The Car Seat Afterlife

It\'s a garbage can.So, what do you do with a car seat or booster you no longer need?  That’s a big question that lots of folks ask themselves every day and usually the answer is to stick the seat next to the trash can on the curb.  The problem with that fix is that there are other folks who like to look for a bargain, either out of necessity or just to say they found something great (and who hasn’t driven by someone else’s garbage and seen something in mint condition and thought, “Oh, look at that!  If I just had a truck, I would take that home!”).  Car seats are thrown away for a variety of reasons: they’ve been in a crash and shouldn’t be used again, they’ve expired, or perhaps mom found the cutest cover ever and just wanted to get that sickly brown car seat out of her garage ;).

Driving: Right or Privilege?

People get funny when they get into a car or even think about cars.  Common sense?  Mild manners?  Out the door.  In the USA at least, the moment they touch the wheel, people get irrational and some drivers even get a sense of entitlement, superiority and immortality.  Some even seem to think their anti-social car behavior is protected by a constitutional right.  Last I checked, it wasn’t even loosely guarded by a state law.

And Isn’t It Ironic . . . Don’t You Think?

As I was driving my children to the haircut place Wednesday morning on our city’s equivalent of the German Autobahn, I was pondering reaction times, thinking about how they diminish as we age (actually, I was smugly thinking about how quickly I was able to go from the brake to the gas as the light changed to green to get on the on-ramp to the freeway and we left the others in our wake).  When we’re young, our reaction times are quick and immediate.  As we age, they slowly diminish, but when do we start to notice that they’ve become slower?  When do we *admit* that they’ve become slower?

Acronyms Strike Again

Again we welcome Heather’s dh, Matt, for Guest Wednesday.

As a non-tech person, I am generally confused by the various terminology used on a regular basis by those who are tech people.  But I am trying to learn.  One of these terms is LATCH, which must be really important because it’s in all caps.  I understand the importance of words in all caps. Like me sitting on the couch on the weekend and watching the NFL or the NBA or why don’t the kids go play in the STREET but watch out for CARS and while you’re at it go get the MAIL.