Cybex X-Fix: A Best Bet


Heather’s full review of the Cybex Solution X-Fix Booster will appear within next week or two and hopefully we’ll have a giveaway later this month-  stay tuned!  We’ve just learned that it was recently tested by the IIHS and earned a Best Bet.  In fact, it was among the very best of the Best Bets and was entirely in the “Green” zone for both lap and shoulder belts.  The IIHS will include the X-Fix on their website results soon and an updated Status Report will be follow later this year.

Above, the ultra light weight Cybex Aton infant seat from Europe.  A version is planned for the USA market in the future.


Kecia Loves It!


Do you hate boosters where the shoulder belt catches or won’t retract because the angle to the retractor is too great or the guide is too narrow?  If so, take a peek at the Learning Curve First Years B570 Booster-

Safety 1st On Board 35 Air Infant Seat Unboxing


The Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air Infant Car Seat is the evolution of the original 0nBoard 35.  The original is a nice infant seat in its own regard, one that fits smaller newborns better than average, too.  Safety 1st has upped the ante and added Air Protect cushions for side impact protection.  A full review is coming later this month!

Here’s the unboxing for all CPS addicts!  Be sure to click HD for better quality! Apologies for the up and down volume!

All Things Considered


So many things have been going on lately that it’s been tough to keep up with the day-to-day blog chores.  What’s been going on you ask?

I’ve been feeling unsettled.  It’s that springtime unsettled feeling that happens every year.  It’s the wind.  It’s so predictable.  It happens every year, I know it’s coming, we batten down the hatches for the 40+ mph winds, yet still, it’s unsettling.  It’s like—hey, the weather is warmer, we should be outside enjoying the green on the trees, but, ugh, we can’t go out because we’ll be blown into the next time zone.  By the time it’s over, it’ll be 90 degrees out and then no one but me wants to go outside :D.  Lightweights.