Harmony Secure Comfort Deluxe Booster Review Part II – Belt Fit

It finally stopped raining long enough yesterday for me to get outside and snap some pics of my boys in the Harmony backless booster (aka the Harmony Olympian).  Last week I posted my initial review of this seat and compared it with the Combi Dakota backless booster.  DS1 was less than thrilled to model the Harmony but I bribed him with the promise of a Churro and Icee at BJ’s.  DS2 was a little easier to coax but he wanted a Churro and Icee too!  LOL!


Stop at an Actual Stop Sign? Never!

I guess I’m getting old and grouchy.  Or maybe I’m not old, but just plain persnickety.  Whatever it is, I seem to be the only one around bothered by people who run stop signs.  Sure, there are letters to the editor in my paper about stop sign runners or people who apply their brakes ever so slightly when approaching a signed intersection.  But who’s going to do anything about it?

Most of the major intersections in my area are controlled, which is good.  We used to be an area of 4-way stops and there was always someone who wouldn’t yield the right of way.  Frustrating, but what can you do?  It’s actually pretty fun to watch anxiety levels rise by coming to a complete, wheels-don’t-turn stop at a 4-way stop.  Try it sometime.  ;)  I never realized that I wasn’t stopping at stop signs before until my local Safe Kids coalition did an observational survey at an intersection a few years back.  Out of several hundred vehicles observed, something like only 3 actually came to a full and complete stop at the stop sign.  I was shocked and immediately on the drive home paid attention to my driving habits.  Sure enough, I wasn’t stopping my wheels either when I thought I was.  Now when I see a stop sign or a red light when I’m turning right, I come to a complete stop, much to the chagrin of the driver behind me (sorry, dude, it’s the law and I’m gonna stop).

I’m still amazed by the drivers who don’t even slow down at a stop sign or red light when they turn right.  It’s like it’s not even there; the world revolves around them and everyone else should yield to them, right?  What the heck?  The thing is the number of drivers who do this.  If I only saw it happening once a week, I’d write it off as the person was distracted (um, who hasn’t been?), but it’s often several times a day.  This kind of driving, plus all the drunk and otherwise impaired drivers on the road, plus the drivers going 80 mph in a 45 mph zone make me feel like a moving target who will one day run out of luck.

Coming Soon: Britax Baby Bucket (aka Chaperone)

Read all about it, the Britax Chaperone infant seat carrier and travel system are coming soon to a retail outlet near you!  As you can see, it will be available in Cowmoo:-)

I won’t bore you with all the features.  You can read all about them at the Britax USA website.  The anti-rebound bar is a nice feature not found in many infant seats.  The Britax “True” side impact protection wings and the no-rethread harness with a quick height adjustment are great features, too.  We’re also told that every Chaperone will ship with an infant insert that will help it to better fit small newborns and some preemies, too!  Initial colors include Cow Bay, Savannah and Red Mill.

CarseatBlog Grab Bag Giveaway Contest

Today’s contest is another “Stump the Reader” like the one Kecia did last week.  This time, I know what it is and want to see who else does, too!  It might be CPS-related and it might not.  If it turns out to be too hard, I’ll give hints with a zoomed out photo every once in a while.  Without further ado, here IT is!

What is IT from?

Take your best guess!

Only your first guess counts.  Anytime I post a hint, you may guess one more time.  Extra comments will only serve as hints to the next person!  Anyone who has a login to write guest blogs is not eligible!

I am looking for a very specific answer.  Even if you guess ITs function, you must also say exactly what IT is from to win.  I will be the sole judge as to the first person with an acceptable answer that meets my definition and my interpretation of the rules!


What is the prize you ask?

This weeks prize comes in video format.  I make no guarantees as to the condition of the prize or its contents.  Good luck!


First Hint:

DOT Press Release: Good News and More Good News!

The press release last Friday from Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is big news for the CPS community.  Apparently, NHTSA has been ordered to develop a side impact safety standard for child restraints.  Finally!  Now, there’s no telling how long it will take NHTSA to come to a consensus on what the standard will be, how it will be implemented and when child restraints will be required to meet it.  Still, at least the ball is starting to roll on this issue.