CarseatBlog Issues Warning on Consumer Reports – Labels Their Carseat Reviews a “Don’t Read: Nonsense Risk”

CR Magazine

It’s like Déjà vu. All over again.    

As we previously reported on CarseatBlog - Consumer Reports made some wild claims about the Orbit Baby infant carseat back in August.  They claimed that the carseat detached from its base during testing and labeled the popular (and pricey) product a “Don’t Buy – Safety Risk”.  Orbit Baby fought back and claimed that their own safety compliance testing contradicted the CR test results. They also claimed, and CR acknowledged, that the infant seats were not installed according to the directions.  All this led to massive confusion as consumers were left wondering who to trust. 

It seems that we finally have an answer thanks to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  NHTSA, for those of you who may be new to the world of Child Passenger Safety (CPS), is the federal agency responsible for setting performance standards and compliance testing carseats to ensure that they meet the standards.  Well… shock of all shocks,  NHTSA found nothing to support CR’s claims that the Orbit Baby infant carseat didn’t meet federal standards and was unsafe to use.  You can read all about NHTSA’s conclusions and their letter to Consumer Reports on the Orbit Baby issue HERE.  


Seatbelt Airbags: Cure for Seatbelt Syndrome?

This new technology appears to be promising for reducing motor vehicle crash related injuries and fatalities.  It is also aimed at protecting children, a nice change from most technologies that are designed for adult passengers.



Kudos to Ford for moving technology ahead in the area of child passenger safety!  Hopefully, this feature will be widely available and, if proven effective, widely accepted by consumers.


CPS Burnout.  Is there a cure?

So, you’ve had it with CPS.  Why?

Guest Review: On the Road with a Britax Chaperone

In re-entering the infant seat market, Britax has done a nice job with the Chaperone. My 7 month old has been using the Chaperone periodically for the past 6 weeks (don’t worry – he’s not unrestrained the rest of the time – just using his Chicco Key Fit 30) and overall, we both like the seat. Some initial impressions about the seat appeared in an earlier blog entry.  Here’s my thoughts after using it with a “real, live baby.”

My infant was well beyond the height and weight range for the infant insert, so I did not have an opportunity to try it out. My only comment is that I wish Britax put its name on the foam or some other marking so that when it gets separated from the rest of the seat (or my kids find it and start using it as a football), I remember what it is for. It is a pretty ordinary-looking piece of foam.

On to my use of the seat: