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Tamiflu and You. Can it protect you from the bug the kids got at school?

Tamiflu is a prescription medicine used to treat the flu (influenza) in people 2 weeks of age and older who have had flu symptoms for no more than 2 days. Tamiflu can also reduce the chance of getting the flu in people 1 year and older. Tamiflu is not a substitute for an annual flu vaccination.”

Our 7-year old picked up something at school recently.  He was pretty sick two weeks ago and missed both Friday and Monday at school.  At the worst, he had nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and felt lousy.  Minor symptoms persisted a couple days longer.  Then our older kids got it.  They also missed a 2-3 days of school last week and reported aches, pains and chills as well and didn’t fully recover for about 5 days.  Last Wednesday, my wife got hit pretty bad with “flu-like symptoms”, including fatigue that kept her in bed most of the day.

That morning, I ventured out to stock up on additional supplies.  Gatorade, ginger ale, Tylenol, soup, bread, etc.  While I was driving to the store, I happened to talk to Kecia and she mentioned I should inquire about Tamiflu, as it is apparently prescribed as a preventative.  Great idea!

So, I called my doctor’s office and talked to a nurse.  I stated I was wondering if it was still early enough for my wife to have Tamiflu or if it might be given as a preventative for me, as I was the only one yet to get it.  Apparently, even though they readily give antibiotics if you complain of a sneeze, doctors are not as lenient with Tamiflu.

The nurse grilled me about symptoms and other details, apparently skeptical that our family even had the flu.  Maybe they didn’t, though absent a blood culture, I’m not sure how they would completely rule it out.  She sounded doubtful, but said she would call be back.  I lingered in the store, hoping that the pharmacy could fill it while I was there.

A few hours later, back at home, she returned the call.  She was unconvinced and asked more about my wife’s symptoms.  So, I roused her from her death-like state and forced her to croak at the nurse about her condition.  The nurse said she doubted any pharmacy had any, since the flu season was over, but said she would talk to the doctor again and call back (my wife uses another physician at the same practice).

The call never came.  But on Friday, two days later, I got a call from the grocery store pharmacy that the prescription was ready.  Doh!  By that time it was too late for my wife, so I began taking it as a preventative.  It may have been too late for prevention, also, as I began to have symptoms just hours later.  Apparently, Tamiflu itself can cause similar side effects, so that’s a possibility, too.  Also, for any type of stomach flu or gastroenteritis, Tamiflu is not likely to be effective at all:-(

I had mild symptoms for about an hour or so.  A week has now passed and since then, nothing at all.  I figure that I must have been exposed in that time, but it’s now been two weeks since my youngest son first started exhibiting serious symptoms.  Perhaps it worked as advertised?

In any case, it made me wonder.  Here we have this drug that may help prevent or lessen the symptoms of the flu if taken soon enough.  Great.  But, it has to be taken just before or very early after you show the first symptoms.  Given that, just how likely is it that your doctor will actually prescribe it for you in time for it to be of any use?  With the way a lot of physician’s offices work these days, I’m thinking not very often!

Have any of you taken Tamiflu?  Do you think it helped?  How difficult was it to obtain?

Nuna Pipa Preview!

We were first introduced to Nuna at the ABC Expo last fall in Louisville and we were immediately impressed with the prototype “pipa” infant seat. We had a chance to see and play with a more advanced pre-production model here at Lifesavers Denver and we continue to be very impressed with this product. With any luck we may see pipa on store shelves by 3rd Qtr 2013 but I caution everyone not to get their hopes too high because unexpected delays are par for the course in this industry.

Our complete review of the Nuna PIPA is now posted HERE.

What makes pipa special in a sea of high-end infant seats? Rigid LATCH and a load leg, for starters! Plus a robust canopy, and a “dream drape”, and a really nice lock-off on the base for seatbelt installations, and the fact that it’s rated down to 4 lbs and is going to be a good fit for preemies and low birthweight babies based on how it fit the preemie doll. There was so much to like that I could barely offer any suggestions on what they might want to tweak! I even like the fact that it doesn’t have a no-rethread harness (there are 3 sets of harness slots) because that means the harness can be easily replaced if necessary. Pipa will be compatible with the nuna pepp stroller to create a complete nuna “travel system” but they are also working on adapters for some of the most popular high-end strollers. Expected MSRP for pipa is $299 which is completely reasonable in my opinion, considering what you’re getting.




We hope to have a complete and thorough  pipa review as soon as a final production model is available!

Lifesavers Denver 2013 – Day 2 Update

It was another busy day for Heather & I in the convention center exhibit hall. We did our best to cover as many of the new products and updates as possible in a short period of time. We hope we can deliver a little something for everyone!

UPPAbaby Mesa:

  • Demo models already shipped to some specialty store retailers
  • Mid-June is targeted release date
  • Hoping to be in Canada by the end of the year
  • Sticker labels reference pg numbers
  • It’s a great seat with a lot of awesome innovative features! IMMI buckle and nice easy-open chest clip. The only possible drawback that we can foresee is that the “true no-rethread harness” will not be removable/replaceable.





Graco has started including explicit instructions in their manuals regarding cleaning of their buckles to help with the stiffness of the release; sometimes food and other gunk does get down in there and hampers the release mechanism.  Graco wants you to hold the buckle by the webbing and dunk just the buckle portion in a cup of water.  Press the red button a few times under water to clean the mechanism and shake the water out when done. Let dry naturally. We tried the buckles on the display seats in the booths and they definitely felt easier to release than earlier models.


New SnugRide 35 Click Connect base (LX model is similar but has lock-off)




Performance Booster – ETA is early fall (no pics – prototype product not being shown here)



Great news! Aton 2 base with load leg will be back-compatible with previous Aton carriers! Extra Aton 2 bases with load leg will be available for $159.



  • Boostapak shipping this month (will be BuyBuyBaby exclusive)
  • Complete Air is now being manufactured with dual recline indicator labels
  • Scenera will once again be available to CPS programs through Mercury Distributing (by Mid-July)
  • NEW PRODUCTS! Safety 1st Advantage 70 Air + (plus) convertible & Safety 1st Elite 80 3-in-1 Air +. We were one of the first to see the new seats! Advantage 70 is already shipping to Target and should be on shelves in the next few weeks. Elite 80 will be shipping in June and will be BRU exclusive.  Check out our video of the Advantage 70 Air + :


More updates (including Nuna Pipa) tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Lifesavers 2013 Update: Britax Frontier 90 & Cybex Aton 2

Greetings from Denver!  Heather and I had a productive day today. We had a chance to play with the new Britax Frontier 90/Pinnacle 90 with ClickTight Installation System and with the new Cybex Aton 2 with load leg. Both are very impressive! Check out our videos:



Stay tuned for more to come tomorrow!

Lifesavers or Bust!

CarseatBlog will be reporting from Lifesavers Denver over the next few days! Stay tuned to the blog for the full scoop. We will be posting quick updates and breaking news (if there is any) on our facebook page. Additionally, we promise a few exclusive photos will be posted on our brand new Carseatblog IG page! If you have an Instagram acct – follow us and share in our LS adventure!