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New Products from Harmony Juvenile – Folding Travel Booster & Defender 360 Combination Seat


At this year’s ABC Kids Expo we had the pleasure of seeing many innovative upcoming products. Most of the product info we were allowed to share with our readers immediately but we also saw (and heard about) lots of cool new things that the manufacturers asked us not to share until we were given the green light to do so.

Thankfully, the gag order on some of the new Harmony Juvenile products has been lifted and while there are still other new Harmony products that we can’t talk about yet, here’s what we can share:

Harmony Folding Travel Booster

  • Available exclusively at Walmart – should be arriving in stores Mid-January
  • $49.99?
  • Folds in 3 easy steps
  • Highback only; 30-110 lbs
  • 9 position headrest
  • 19″ to belt guide on tallest setting
  • Tapers at 11.5″
  • Deep headwings
  • EPS foam
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Sturdy, reusable travel box


Harmony Defender Combination Seat 

  • Available at Walmart; $99.97 (was supposed to launch in January but it appears that some stores started to move product onto the floor already).
  • Forward-facing only with 5-pt harness from 22-65 lbs
  • 30-110 lbs highback booster
  • 30-110 lbs backless booster
  • 18.25″ top harness slots
  • No rethread harness
  • Deep headwings
  • Energy-absorbing EPE foam
  • One hand dial recline to match contour of vehicle seat
  • Cupholder

Britax Frontier 85 Harness-2-Booster *Giveaway* – Week 6 of CarseatBlog’s Holiday Giveaway Bonanza!


For week 6 of our Holiday Giveaway Bonanza, we’ve partnered with our generous friends at Britax USA to offer a fabulous Frontier 85 Combination Harness-2-Booster seat!  This forward-facing only seat is for kids over age 2 who weigh at least 25 lbs. With the 5-point harness it’s rated from 25 – 85 lbs and has very tall top harness slots. In booster mode, it’s rated from 40-120 lbs. We have a review of the Frontier 85 HERE and it’s on our list of Recommended Seats. Winner will have their choice of available Frontier 85 fashions!

This promotion is now closed. Thank you for your participation. A winner will be announced soon!

There are three (3) ways to enter to win this popular combination seat!

Alaska and Hawaii are excluded (sorry!) but our Canadian readers are encouraged to participate as they are also eligible to win (a Canadian Britax Frontier model, of course)!

Now for the fine print:

You are not eligible if you have previously won a carseat or any sponsor giveaway at during 2011 or 2012 (our own giveaways of bags and such don’t count if no sponsor was mentioned). Blog writers and editors are also not eligible. Only one entry per household/family, please. If you leave more than one comment, only the first one will count.

We reserve the right to deem any entry as ineligible for any reason, though this would normally only be done in the case of a violation of the spirit of the rules above. We also reserve the right to edit/update the rules if necessary.

The contest will close on Sunday night, 12/30, and a random winner will be chosen on Monday, 12/31. If a winner is deemed ineligible based on shipping restrictions or other issues or does not respond to accept the prize within 30 days, a new winner will be selected.

Good luck!

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Hey, Yo, Get Your Foonfs Here! While They’re Hot!


Didn’t get in a preorder for the first shipment of the highly anticipated Clek Foonf convertible carseat?

No worries, our sponsor, Kids-N-Cribs, has got you covered if you like the Faux-Hawk Julius fashion, while supplies last!  More Foonf are on the way in various fashion choices.

CarseatBlog has not yet seen a production Foonf, but we hope to have a full review as soon as one comes our way!

Welcome home!


Well, I’ve been blessed to have been invited to guest blog here at CarseatBlog, and I’m so excited that I’ve made about 193,329,382 punctuation errors in this first sentence alone that I had to go back and correct. In case you didn’t know, that’s the Internet version of wetting your pants.

I’m not a total stranger as I’ve been on the boards for years now, but lately I’ve been consumed with work and family life (read: eaten alive by my insane two year old) so I’ve been less on the scene than I used to. I blog semi-frequently, but blogging for an “official” blog with multiple people is a first for me, and I somewhat feel like Eve must have felt on Wall-e when she was shoved off the rocket. Not that I’m comparing CarseatBlog to a worn out planet of trash or Darren to a robotic trash compacter…but you know. Obviously my analogies aren’t the best. But I *do* know my car seats, and I’m a pretty passionate person, so here I am.

Be your kid’s superhero.

When I mention passion it comes to light that a lot of us (ok, if you’re reading this you are most likely included) are thought of as insane, or at least a little weird, to be “obsessed” with car seats and passenger safety. Everyone has their interests and hobbies, but I am always a little offended when someone compares my car seat passion with knitting or collecting postcards. To others, it’s small. But to me, it’s big. Very big. But I wonder what makes some of us latch on to this and take it to a level that extends beyond basic research?

I think it has a lot to do with control. If you think about it, having children is the epitome of being out of control. Conception is a crapshoot. Birth can be unpredictable. Make a child eat? Yeah, right. Force a child to sleep? You’re dreaming, only you’re wide awake with blood shot eyes and a deep gutted feeling of desperation. Get through an errand at Target without tantrums and dirty looks from strangers? Nope (ok, maybe that’s just me). Control every other driver on the road? I wish.

You can make the healthiest, greenest, organic food on the planet, but there’s no guarantee your toddler won’t dump it on the floor and yell, “all done!!!” while running off to eat the 3 month old cracker they found behind the entertainment center. You can buy organic sheets and expensive pajamas, darken the room, have the meanest swaddle on the planet, all while playing the whispers of sweet golden angels on the iPod speakers, but you can’t guarantee that kid will close his eyes. You can hand your kid a $500 iPad as bribery but it won’t mean he won’t try to launch himself out of the cart screaming “help me!!!” to strangers because you wouldn’t let him open all the bottles of detergent at Target. You can’t make people sober, attentive, or even good drivers. You just can’t.

But one thing you CAN do, is give your child the best possible chance of survival from all the things you can’t control. You can’t make your child like it. You can’t guarantee you won’t want to slice your eyeballs with a manila envelope after listening to the complaints, both from your child and those who criticize you. However, you CAN force that child to ride in a car seat that provides the proper protection they deserve. Every time. Without fail. Because you do have control over one thing in raising a child: giving them a fighting chance and forcing them to take it. They’ll thank you for it later.

Yours truly and the 36 inch tornado.

Editor’s Note:  Alicia is a long time member of She is an RN, former CPST, and toddler wrangler to her son Liam.

We just completed a cross country move from AZ to NC and my son is the true definition of “spirited”, however once I get my feet on the ground I’m devoted to getting back into the role of CPST and getting myself back where I feel most at home- in your backseat!”

Welcome, Alicia!  We were hoping you could help us make the place a little “lighter” and a little less “official”!  Alicia’s parenting blog is “A Short Story Made Long“.