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ABC Expo 2011: Strollers (BOB, Bugaboo, iCandy, Uppa Baby & Baby Jogger)

Yes, we’re CarseatBlog but you can’t love carseats without acknowledging that, at least here in the states, infant carseats and strollers go together for many parents.  Plus, I’m a recovering stroller addict so I appreciate quality and innovation in this department.  In previous blogs we covered some of the cool new strollers we saw from Kiddy, Orbit, Combi & Cybex.

Unfortunately, with our hectic schedule, we really didn’t have time to stop and chat with any of the dedicated stroller manufacturers. However, I tried to grab a few quick pics at some of the popular booths.  At the end of the last day my camera battery died and I was forced to use my cell phone so I apologize in advance for the poor quality of those last few pics. 



Uppa Baby






Bugaboo Donkey



 Baby Jogger: City Mini (new colors), City Mini GT & coming in 2012 – City Versa! (pic of promo banner only)



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All-New 2012 Honda CR-V Review

Trivia question: Without Googling it, who knows what “CR-V” stands for?

All-new fourth generation Honda CR-V is an impressive ride. It’s an ideal vehicle for those who want the function and flexibility of an SUV but without the size or the price. In fact, if I didn’t have three children, I’d strongly consider one as my next vehicle purchase. The peppy 2012 CR-V is a five-passenger vehicle that starts at under $25,000. And one of the nice things about Honda is that they believe that you shouldn’t have to buy the luxury model to get the options that make a vehicle functional – many of the items that people really want are standard on all trim levels, such as a multi-angle rearview camera and hands-free Bluetooth. Notable exceptions are the navigation system, leather seats, DVD entertainment system for the rear seat, and driver’s seat with 10-way power adjustment, all of which are available only on the EX-L model.

I rode in a 2011 CR-V right after my extended test drive of the 2012 model, and here are some of the things that I noticed right away: The seats in the 2012 are noticeably more comfortable, the center console is greatly improved, and steering and brakes in the 2012 are more responsive. I’m not sure what trim level the 2011 was, but the 2012 just felt more luxurious.

ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Baby Trend!

I give props to Baby Trend. They were perhaps the biggest surprise of the show right out of the gate. Darren, Heather and I were at the New Products Showcase Reception the evening before the expo started when something caught our eye.  At first we thought it was the trendZ EuroSport combo seat that is currently available at Target.  But upon closer inspection we noticed the rigid LATCH attachments and we were like… WTH?!  What is this???

This was the trendZ FastBack 3-in-1.  It’s not a true 3-in-1 in the sense that it can’t be used rear-facing.  But it’s similar to the Graco Nautilus in that it’s a forward-facing only harnessed seat that converts to a highback booster and eventually to a backless booster as well.  We had a chance to play with it a bit at the BT booth a few days later.  This is what we learned:

ABC Expo 2011: What’s New from Combi

This is me trying to wrap up the last of the ABC Expo related info.  Thanks for bearing with me!  I’ve been sick for the last 3 weeks, dealt with a huge freak pre-Halloween snowstorm, taught a CPS Tech certification class, visited the doctor a few times and started planning DH’s big half century birthday celebration, amongst other things.

Anyhow, enough whining and sniffling and hacking from me. Let’s talk carseats and cool new strollers too!