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ABC Expo 2011: Cybex – What’s new, what’s staying, what’s get-it-while-you-still-can

CYBEX!  After the roller coaster of their initial announcement that they were pulling out of the U.S. carseat market, followed soon after by their semi-retraction reiterating their commitment to the U.S., we arrived in Louisville not sure what to expect from our friends at Cybex & Regal+Lager.  As it turns out, the scoop (at the moment) is that the Aton infant seat has officially received a reprieve but sadly, the Solution X-Fix booster has not. So the X-Fix is a get-it-while-you-still-can item but you don’t have to buy and stash an Aton if you don’t actually need one anytime in the near future. 

What’s new, you ask?  Why, an awesome Cybex double stroller – Twinyx!  Available late 1st qtr 2012.

It puts the “Mini” back into the Minivan: The 2012 Mazda5 Kids, Carseats & Safety Review

Usually, seating more than 5 passengers and getting decent fuel economy are mutually exclusive. Most midsize or larger 3-row SUVs can’t even manage 20mpg combined, usually much less around town.  If you don’t mind a minivan, they do get a little better fuel economy than the midsize SUVs and much better than full-size SUVs.  Minivans also tend to be roomier and more flexible for seating lots of kids, but they’re really not-so-mini these days.  Many parents lament that they are too big for the garage, too big for parking spaces and too big for the pocketbook, too.

Some compact SUVs get a little above 20mpg combined. Hybrids like the Escape and Highlander do much better than that, but the Escape only seats five and the Highlander is all but priced out of the market.  So what’s left if you want something a little bigger than a compact SUV and don’t want to spend a bundle of cash?  The Kia Sorento LX is one option.  With front wheel drive and the fuel efficient GDI 4-cylinder engine new for 2012, it gets 22 city, 32 highway and 25 combined.  The Sorento LX isn’t cheap, at just over $26k sticker price with the third row option package it rivals the cost of some full size minivans.  The upcoming Ford C-Max may be another contender in 2012.  For now, the most economical option is the 2012 Mazda 5. It gets a very respectable 21 city, 28 highway, 24 mpg combined. Room for 6 is standard and it starts under $20k MSRP in Sport trim with a manual transmission.  A nicely equipped Touring version lists around $22k with an automatic and sells for closer to $20k street price!  My review Touring model added the Moonroof & Audio package and a rear bumper guard for a total of $23,180 MSRP.

Does it live up to expections? 

ABC Expo 2011: What’s new from Recaro

New Recaro Euro Convertible $229: Same limits same as ProRide, new safety stripe system–white stitching on outer edge of harness strap is a visual indicator that will hopefully help parents to notice if the harness webbing is twisted.  Shipping later this December.  2 colors in pad.  In addition to, not replacing, ProRide.  Our thoughts – Euro is similar to old Como model in that you have to manually change the harness height.

ProRide Convertible might go to 40 lbs rear-facing. If this happens it will happen on both ProRide & Euro models. New ProRide models will also have white stripe stitching on outer edge of harness straps.

“Riley” is the new purple fashion!


ABC Expo 2011: What’s coming soon from Kiddy USA!

The Kiddy World Plus & CruiserFix Pro boosters are now available (or shipping very soon)!  We are pleased to note that all of our measurements from Lifesavers Phoenix still stand.  Therefore, we’re running our Kiddy video again in case you didn’t see it the first time.  Accurate measurements and updated price points listed below.

Kiddy World Plus $279: 12 height positions, seat depth 15.5″,  approx 22-23″ tall when measured to closed belt guide, 22-40 lbs with shield (they’re hoping to get that higher at some point in the future), 40-110 highback booster.  Possible fashions: Phantom (gray/black), Henna (dark gray/deep purple?), Rumba (black/ cranberry), Niagara (lt blue/dark gray), Oasis (yellow/green)

Kiddy Cruiser Fix Pro $219: don’t have official wt range yet but should also be rated to 110 lbs, rigid lower LATCH attachments, shock absorber feature in lap belt guide area, extendable leg depth range 14-17″, not as tall as KWP – measurement to bottom of belt guide on tallest setting approx 20″.  Possible fashions: Phantom (gray/black), Lavender (black/purple), Rumba (black/cranberry), Walnut (black/brown)

Diono Radian RXT and Graco Argos 70 Unboxings

Two for the price of one! What a deal! And you know, here at Carseatblog.com, we’re all about a good deal. We’ll have the thorough reviews that you’ve come to expect from us in the coming weeks.