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A Father’s Day Tribute to Darren

On behalf of CarseatBlog, Heather and I would like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to Darren and all the awesome dads out there!  Extra bonus points are awarded to all stay-at-home dads, dads who know how to use a cloth diaper correctly, dads who allow pink/purple/flowery or “mooing” carseats in their car, dads who actually hear the baby in the middle of the night AND get up to help, dads of teenagers, dads of teenagers who are learning how to drive and want to borrow YOUR car every 5 minutes, and dads with spouses who spend countless hours on the car-seat.org forums.  We salute you all!

We especially want to thank and pay tribute to our fearless leader, Darren Qunell.  Without his passion and visionary leadership, there would be no Car-Seat.org community or CarseatBlog.com. 

So, what can we say about Darren?  Well, for starters, he’s smart and funny and articulate.  He’s more diplomatic than a delegation from the UN but he’s not afraid to lay down the “Admin” smack when necessary.  He’s man enough to attend mommy-blogger events with his head held high!  He has to deal with hundreds of women every day and he still pretends to love his job!  He truly cares about protecting kids (his, ours and everyone else’s ) from unintentional injury.  He sacrifices his free time to review all the latest and greatest CRs and vehicles for the benefit of our readers.  But most importantly – he owes this spectacular Father’s Day tribute to his lovely DW and his 3 awesome kids! :) 

Feel free to embarrass him even further by leaving a comment!

Cybex Aton Unboxing

One of the most highly anticipated infant seats recently is the Cybex Aton. From having one of the lightest seats to having one of the easiest bases to install, the Aton brings German engineering to the American market (and we know how much Americans love anything European ;) ). Let the drooling commence!

Dorel Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Plus Infant Carseat Review!

I was intrigued from the first moment we saw the prototype model at the ABC Kids Expo last fall.  But I was also a bit skeptical.  Could Dorel really make a budget-friendly infant carseat that would be easy to use correctly, have all the important features and also fit smaller-than-average babies really well?  And could they really keep the price under $100? Yes, yes they can. :)
Introducing the Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Plus (CCEP).  It’s a mouthful but it’s important to ask for it by its full name because there are multiple versions of this seat and only the Elite Plus has all the features that you really want to have in an infant carseat.  Unfortunately, the models of this seat that are currently sold in stores like Wal-Mart, KMart, Sears & Target are usually not the “Elite Plus” model and are lacking some key features.  The good news is that you can purchase the Safety 1st Elite Plus model from Amazon and in most cases get free shipping too!  Hopefully some retail stores will start to carry this particular model in the near future.

Here is a breakdown of the differences between the Comfy Carry models:

  • Cosco Comfy Carry $69.99 – rear harness adjuster, non-adjustable base, no head support insert
  • Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite $79.99 – front harness adjuster, non-adjustable base, head support insert
  • Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Plus $89.99 – front harness adjuster, adjustable base with recline foot, head support insert with velcro sides for easy removal

The model provided by Dorel for this review is the Wildflowers pattern (model # IC030AYG). Let’s take a closer look at all the features, specs and measurements of the Comfy Carry Elite Plus:

Bubble Bum Review: Booster Seat or Flotation Device?

I can poke fun at the Bubble Bum because who can take a booster seriously that calls itself “Bubble Bum” and arrives in purple bubble wrap? Don’t be fooled by this sporty little bopper of a cushion that looks like it might be more at home on a boat than under your child’s bum in your vehicle. The Bubble Bum, which has caught the world’s attention for its size and portability, positions the lap portion of the seatbelt low on the child’s thighs. But is it easy to use on daily trips or is it best left for traveling?

Britax B-Safe Infant Seat Review

This is a quick photo and video review of the Britax B-Safe Infant carrier and base system. The B-Safe is currently available for $179.99 or less at Amazon.com with free shipping and free returns.  Initially, there are black and red fashions available.  The B-Safe is rated for babies 4 to 30 pounds and up to 32 inches tall.  Britax suggests a seated shoulder height of 6.5″ to 11″.

As you can see in the video, it includes some handy features, like four harness height settings and an adjustable crotch strap depth. An infant comfort pillow is included along with harness comfort pads and a belly pad for the buckle. There is energy absorbing foam around the head and upper torso. The carrier is compatible with Britax B-series strollers, but an optional attachment strap or adapter is needed for strollers of other major brands.  The handle may be left in any locked position in the car.  The locking mechanism is smooth and makes it easy to drop the carrier into place and also to release it from the base. Speaking of the base, it has a built-in lockoff, a 5-position adjustable recline adjustment and indicators for the angle on each side. It also includes premium LATCH attachments with push-button releases. Extra B-Safe bases can be purchased for about $65.