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Ho Ho Ho! Santa is Bringing a Britax Parkway SG!

Thanks to our sponsor, Kids-N-Cribs.com, we have the luxury of giving away a Britax Parkway SG in Sesame as our first booster giveaway of the week!  It will be shipped directly to the winner from Kids-N-Cribs (shipping is free in the 48 contiguous United States, but a charge will apply anywhere else they can ship).  You can also read our review of the Parkway Secure Guard.  All you have to do to win is leave a comment!  Now, for the fine print…

The Five Days of Christmas?

We know we haven’t done a child safety seat giveaway in a little while, but we don’t want to be known as carseat scrooges!  So, this week, we will be giving away a booster or two, or maybe more!  They won’t arrive at the winner’s doorstep in time for Christmas, and maybe not even until the new year, but it’s still a nice holiday surprise!  Stay tuned to CarseatBlog and our forums at www.Car-Seat.Org over the next few days and be sure to watch for any giveaway contests!

Buying a Safe Car

Winter is here.  That means good deals on new cars!  The excitement over the introduction of 2010 models is long gone.  Cash for Clunkers is a distant memory.  The economy isn’t doing much to promote sales, either.  Combine that with sales incentives for the last month and last quarter of the year, and the planets are starting to align for great deals.

But how to buy a safe one for your family?  Obviously, you should find one that has good visibility and a good driving position.  It should be comfortable for you and have conveniently located controls to prevent distractions.  Don’t settle for a 10 minute test drive.  Ask for an extended one or to borrow it overnight.  Unless it’s a model dealers can’t keep on the lot, they will probably let you.

As for crash safety, there’s one tool that can help you compare vehicles, especially those of different classes.  If you simply look at the IIHS or NHTSA results separately, you cant compare a compact to a midsize or an SUV to a sedan.  InformedForLife takes the NHTSA and IIHS results and compiles them using research from published studies.  It gives you a composite score you can compare to any vehicle in its database.  We’ve mentioned it in the past and it’s still the best tool for vehicle safety comparisons today.

It’s not foolproof, though.  Sometimes, some vehicles haven’t been put through all the tests by the IIHS or NHTSA.  For any missing tests, InformedForLife assigns a “typical” result for the class of vehicle.  That means that the overall score may change when all the test results are eventually completed and entered into the database.  For models where a full set of crash tests are available, it’s a great tool to find a safe car.

Make Your Own PSA

We’ve had some famous PSAs on tv: the “Crying Indian,” “This is your brain on drugs,” Smokey the Bear, and any of the “The More You Know” Crying IndianPSAs shown on NBC.  They’re memorable because they’re either catchy or show an important message that touches people’s hearts.

If you could make your own CPS PSA, what would your topic be?  And what would you do?  Budget is no object so you can have any director you want, any set you want.

Would you emphasize extended rear-facing?  Is your cause extended harnessing?  Or are you a booster “booster?”  What would your goal be—to raise awareness, educate, or raise money to fund purchases of seats?

Hit us with your best ideas!

Wishful Thinking

Shelle's Dead-CowYesterday I was talking to a friend whose DS is close to outgrowing his current seat and he’ll need to move into his big sister’s Cowmooflage Marathon soon.  Big sister is going to need a new harnessed seat (she’s only 4) but mom was hoping she could get something bigger than the MA but still in that same Cowmoo pattern.  I had to tell her that at the moment, such a seat does not exist (except in photoshop ~ thanks Shelle!).  However, it got me thinking… 

If you could have ANY seat in ANY pattern – what would it be?  Personally, my boys and I love blue so I’d like a Summer Breeze (plaid cotton Roundabout cover), Hampton (striped Decathlon cover) or maybe a Midnight Sky (blue/black Recaro cover) for the Regent.  Yes, I realize the Regent has been discontinued but since this is all about wishful thinking, I wish they would change their mind and keep it in production. 

Summer Breeze RADC_HamptonRecaro_Midnight_Sky

Really, I’d be happy with any truly boyish (not just gender neutral) cover on any good seat.  I’ve lamented in the past about how CR manufacturers seem to ignore boys (and parents of boys) when they chose cover options for any particular seat.  Yes, I know retailers make the final decisions on which cover options they want to carry but if manufacturers don’t offer cool boy covers then retailers can’t even chose whether or not they want to carry them.  But I digress… 

So, what would you wish for if you could have any existing cover pattern on your CR of choice?