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ABC Kids Expo: First Giveaway!

In a time honored tradition, we are going to part with a number of items collected at the ABC Kids Expo, packaged in a lovely tote bag!  Our motto is, don’t expect much, and you won’t be disappointed!

Anyone who is one of our Followers on Twitter or is one of our Fans on Facebook as of one week from today is automatically entered.  You are entered twice if you do both!  Please check the links on the right column to find us!  We will post the winner here and contact you via Twitter or Facebook a week from today, Monday, September 28th.  Good Luck!

ABC Kids: Accessories

Here are a few photos of some accessories we saw that might interest you, especially with fall and winter around the corner.  Neither of these interferes with the harness system or carseat padding in any way, so you can use them safely!

First, the Carseat Blankie is a  very nice baby warmer; it’s a right sized flannel blanket available in various patterns.  It can travel with baby in the car or around the house.


Next, the BabbaCo infant carrier covers, in a wide range of cute designs for both winter and summer!

Babbaco WinterBabbaco Summer

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ABC Kids Expo: It’s Another Photo Blog (With a Video and Commentary, too)!

Here’s yet another photo blog of some things we saw at the ABC Kids Expo.  Some we’ve touched upon in earlier blogs, others we have not.  As we like to frequently remind viewers, many of these are prototypes and the final retail versions may differ slightly from what you see at the show.  Enjoy!

For some time, Britax has been including “overmolded” buckles (below, left) on many of their products. This is a minor running change to the design that has no safety implications. It may, however, help reduce strap twisting on the Britax Frontier, a model that uses slightly different strap material than the Britax convertibles:

 Overmolded BuckleNot Overmolded


We didn’t have much new product news from Britax, beyond the new accessory Slide Guard clip that will be available later this year for the Frontier at somewhere under $30.  As noted in our Advocate review, Britax is shifting to “non-handed” LATCH hardware that will not require you to re-route them from one side to the other when you transition from rear-facing to front-facing.  The Roundabout, Roundabout 50 and Marathon CS are now using the same attachments, with some other models to follow in the future.  Also, as we’ve probably mentioned at some point, their D-ring strap for rear-facing tethering was lengthened by a couple inches earlier this year.  Fashions?  Pink Sky will appear on the Parkway SG later this year, with Mossy Oak and others to follow early next year.

ABC Kids: More Photos!

Here’s another photo dump.  Most of these Heather has covered in her summaries from the show, others are self explanatory.  Any of these products may differ slighlty from retail versions, as prototypes are often displayed at the show.  More photos and blogs from ABC still to come!


You want Mossy Oak?  You got it!